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Department of Biology

The Department of Biology coordinates the teaching of the Bachelor’s programme in Biology and also several Master’s programmes that are offered through the School of Life Sciences and the School of Natural Sciences.

The Department also houses a large number of research chairs. Research in the Department falls under aegis of the Institute of Environmental Biology (IEB) and the Intitute for Biocomplexity and Bioinformatics (IBB).

Bachelor’s programme

Utrecht offers the broadest Biology programme in the Netherlands. As a result, Biology students can choose from many different courses. They can also follow courses from outside the Biology programme (e.g., combining Earth Sciences with Biology).

Master’s programme

The Department of Biology offers one Master’s degree programme in Biological Sciences. Within this Master’s programme, students can follow several different study tracks. These tracks can be seen as a continuation of the study tracks that were offered during the Bachelor’s programme.

Students choose one Master’s programme. The different programmes are offered by the School of Life Sciences and the School of Natural Sciences. The Department of Biology makes a large contribution to the teaching of the following Master’s programmes:

In addition, the Department of Biology participates in three other institutes, organises the administration of the Developmental Biology and Biomembranes research schools, and participates in eight inter-faculty or inter-university research schools, with one or more research groups in each school.