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Department of History and Art History

Department of History and Art History

The Department of History and Art History is composed of three sections: History, Art History and the Centre for Conflict Studies. The research and education programmes of the History section span the period from Classical Antiquity up to the present day. The department places a special emphasis on the history of Europe, but it also has study and research programmes dealing with the history and culture of the United States, Africa and Eastern and Western Asia.

The department's Art History section performs research and provides education on the fine arts and architectural history from Classical Antiquity to the present day, with a special emphasis on the period starting in the Late Middle Ages.

The Centre for Conflict Studies is among more responsible for providing the Master's programme Conflict Studies and Human Rights, dealing with contemporary conflicts around the world.

The Department of History and Art History employs more than a hundred staff members assigned to one of the following eleven departments:

  • Ancient History and Classical Civilisation
  • Architectural History
  • Centre for Conflict Studies
  • History of Culture, Mentality and Ideas after 1500
  • History of International Relations after 1500
  • History of the Visual Arts before 1600
  • Medieval Studies
  • Modern and Contemporary Art
  • Political History after 1500
  • Social and Economic History after 1500
  • Visual Arts since the Renaissance

The department is located in the buildings on the Drift in the historic centre of Utrecht.