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Business for Biodiversity

Business Meets Biodiversity

The organization of the Business Meets Biodiversity conference 2012 would like to thank all participants for their contribution to the successful outcome of the event! 

  • The Conference Report is now available. Click here to download.
  • Business Meets Biodiversity Conference 2012 compilation

  • Presentations shown at the conference can be found in the program, behind the names of the respective presenter.

  • Photos and videos

Scope of the Conference

Business meets Biodiversity is an international conference exploring why and how businesses can effectively incorporate the sustainable use, conservation and restoration of ecosystems and biodiversity in their operational strategies.

Through a series of inspiring speakers, panel discussion and interactive sessions, the Business Meets Biodiversity Conference aims to:
  • Provide a state-of-the-art overview of the trends in the field of business and biodiversity.
  • Share key insights from frontrunner companies engaged in biodiversity-friendly agriculture, ecosystem restoration and nature conservation.
  • Explore and contribute to opportunities for scaling up biodiversity-friendly business, with a focus on fund creation and the role of multinational companies.

Who should attend?

The conference aims to bring together a diverse and international group of stakeholders active in the areas of sustainable business and finance, development and conservation. Participating organizations will include the business sector, financial institutions, impact investment funds, NGOs,  policy makers, politicians, certification agencies, research & development organizations, and academia.




Impressions of the day