Ecology and Biodiversity

Understanding and predicting biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in a changing world. The Ecology & Biodiversity Group investigates the mechanisms that regulate biodiversity and allow for the maintenance of ecosystem functioning in our changing world. We seek to obtain process-based, mechanistic understanding of community assembly, species interactions and functional responses in order to predict the future impacts of climate and land-use changes on biodiversity and ecosystem functions such as carbon sequestration, water safety and disease suppression. We pay special attention to the movement of organisms and above- and belowground species interactions, from the 'micro' to the landscape scale.


Het bericht in Science
4 May 2016
Recente publicatie van dr. Merel Soons, Erik Kleyheeg en collega's is 'Editor's Choice' van Science
23 March 2016
Science-based advice on natural resources management in South Suriname




Professor Jan van Hooff
4 June 2016 09:30 - 17:00
A symposium on the many faces of primate sociality: looking into the future

Ecology and Biodiversity