PhD Candidates

At Utrecht, earning a PhD degree is a hands-on process that involves relatively little coursework. You will conduct research from day one, which allows you to develop your own ideas within the research group’s theme. You will remain in close contact with your supervisors throughout the programme.


20 February 2015
In the 7-volume synthesis Syntax of Dutch, two new volumes have been published on verbs and verb phrases. Norbert Corver is one of the authors.
17 February 2015
For the European LUCIDE project, Jacomine Nortier and Ivana Brasileiro researched multilingualism in Utrecht.
Universiteitsbibliotheek Uithof
16 February 2015
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Dr. Hans Rutger Bosker
13 February 2015
Hans Rutger Bosker has been awarded two prizes for his dissertation “The processing and evaluation of fluency in native and non-native speech”.
10 February 2015
This volume investigates the role played by the resources of the past in forming the identities of communities in Early Medieval Western Europe.


Tuesday 17 March 2015 14:30 -
The goal of this dissertation is to provide insight into the economic consequences of decisions made during the calf raising period.
Friday 20 March 2015 14:30 -
PhD candidate Cindy de Jonge studied fossil remains of micro-organisms from the Kara Sea in northern Russia.
Wednesday 25 March 2015 16:15 -
PhD candidate Anne Pluymakers was the first to study the impact of CO₂ on the friction and compaction behaviour of anhydrite gouge.
Friday 27 March 2015 10:30 -
Skilled migrants in China experience great problems in finding accommodation, especially in the early stages.
Thursday 16 April 2015 16:15 -
Lindert Benedictus has studied how a disturbance in this immune response can result in illness.

PhD Candidates