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dr. Marco Spruit
20 March 2015
a 6.6 million Euro grant to a Horizon2020 project for the further development of the STRIP Assistant web application developed by Dr. Marco Spruit
Pieters en Wösten
18 March 2015
Resistance to antibiotics is a growing, urgent problem that requires new and better alternatives.
Nature Communications
17 March 2015
Chemists from the University of Utrecht have developed, together with colleagues in UK and in the US, a new reusable catalyst
Sneeuwval / snowfall Antartica
16 March 2015
Polar researchers from the UU and their international colleagues have discovered that a rise in temperatures results also in an increase in snowfall
Cristiane Morais Smith
10 March 2015
Physicists of Utrecht University and their French colleagues have theoretically designed the ‘holy grail’ of material science




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15 April 2015 09:30 -
Meeting Future Food Utrecht: How can science feed the world?
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7 July 2015 09:00 -
Summerschool Future Food Utrecht: Can Science Feed the World?

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