People: Fayrouz Boulayounne



Fayrouz Boulayounne, master student Middle Eastern Studies
Radboud University, Nijmegen

Research assistant
Research Institute for History and Culture
Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University, Netherlands



My interest in languages and my Moroccan background in specific brought me in 2004 to study Arabic Language and Culture at the Radboud University of Nijmegen. For several purposes I went to Arabic countries During my studies, among which attending a minor in Arabic Studies in Egypt and doing a research on Media and Censorship in Libya. One of the Bachelor’s degree courses I followed in Nijmegen was Political Science of Northern Africa and the Middle East, which dealt with the topic of media specifically. This interesting course made me understand the impact of globalization on national and diaspora identities and the public sphere, including the Internet.

Right now I am pursuing my Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies, my main courses being Political Science and Anthropology.

Not only do my personal and educational backgrounds play a part in being interested in Wired Up. I have previous work experience that is relevant and useful for the project, e.g. being a transcriber and translator, and I also have been working with Moroccan youth. So in short, all of my interests, studies and experiences come together. I consider this research as a new and interesting challenge.

For me, the Wired Up project Identity, Globalization and Digital Media combines all of these aspects and it deals with a target group I was once part of. Furthermore, I would like to find out if I can personally recognize and acknowledge the youth’s actions and experiences, as they will be examined in the project .

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