Wired up. Digital media as innovative socialization practices for migrant youth.

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News (July 07, 2013)

1. All research output (publications, conferences, and paper presentations) has been updated, see the 'publications' button in the menu.
2. Koen Leurs, PhD student in the Wired Up project defended his thesis entitled Digital Passages. Moroccan-Dutch youths performing diaspora, gender and youth cultural identities across digital space June 27th, 2013. Klik hier voor het Nederlandstalige persbericht.
3. Digital Crossroads: Media, Migration and Diaspora in a Transnational Perspective, conference held in Utrecht 28-30 June, 2012. Conference website: http://www.digitalcrossroads.nl.
4. We have developed two reports to disseminate the findings of our large-scale questionnaire: download the Wired Up white paper here, and an extensive research report here. (.pdf)
language flag NL 5. Teamleden van Wired Up voeren momenteel interviews uit onder leerlingen van verschillende scholen in Nederland. Onderwijzers, ouders en deelnemers aan ons onderzoek: voor meer informatie in het Nederlands, klik hier.

Wired Up is a 2006 Utrecht University High Potential research program.

This Utrecht University interdisciplinary research program focuses on how new digital media practices involving the Internet (e.g., information seeking, instant messaging, chat, web logs, the production and distribution of multi-media) impact on the lives, identities, learning and socialization of migrant youth. Read more.

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