Annual Lecture

Ieder jaar organiseert UCEMS een publiekslezing in het Engels.

In 2022 wordt Annual Lecture gegeven door prof. dr. Alec Ryrie onder de titel 'The Dangerous Allure of Printing to Early Modern Global Protestant Mission'. De lezing vindt plaats op 28 juni, 20:00 uur in het Academiegebouw te Utrecht (on site en hybride).

Toegang is gratis, registratie is verplicht: stuur uiterlijk 14 juni een mailtje naar

Collectie Brienne, Beeld en Geluid Den Haag

Annual Lecture 2022

Protestants who engaged in cross-cultural conversionary efforts in the 17th and early 18th centuries understood their project through the experience of the European Reformation. As well as informing their church-building strategies, this perspective also convinced them that vernacular printing, especially of Biblical translations, would be decisive in spreading their gospel, and considerable resource was ploughed into this effort. These efforts drew on the experience of ‘missionary’ projects in Ireland and northern Scandinavia, and ultimately on Protestant preconceptions about the nature of religious change and the power of the Word. This paper will survey some of these attempts to take Protestant print to various contexts in the Americas and Asia, and argue that this effort proved misconceived and ineffective in those contexts, significantly undermining early Protestant missionary work: a failure based both on a misreading of European experience and on deeper theological framing of the entire missionary enterprise.