dr. Timme Donders
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My research focuses on solving geological problems with biological information and proxies. My background is in terrestrial palynology, I use pollen and spore data to reconstruct past vegetation and as input for paleoclimatological estimates. I search for integration of techniques and concepts across different fields of application, in paleoclimate research, environmental ‘fingerprinting’, and geological model building. I am also a guest researcher at the TNO Sustainable Geo Energy group.



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Scientific expertise

Field sites in Florida
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Curriculum vitae

2012 -  current Assistant Professor Palaeoecology, Department of Physical Geography

2008 - 2012     Coordinator Geobiology team and project leader at TNO Petroleum Geosciences (Netherlands Organization of Applied Scientific Research TNO).

2006  –  2008  Post-Doc researcher at Utrecht University (Palaeoecology, Institute of Environmental Biology). Projects  ‘Hurricanes and global change’ and ‘Stratigraphic and paleoenvironmental analysis of the Neogene in the subsurface of the Netherlands

2001-2005       PhD student at Utrecht University, thesis ‘Reconstruction of El Niño – Southern Oscillation variability during the Holocene’. Promotor Prof. dr. Henk Visscher, Co-promotor Dr. Friederike Wagner-Cremer

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All publications
  2018 - Scholarly publications
Castilla-Beltran, Alvaro, Hooghiemstra, H., Hoogland, M.L.P., Pagan-Jimenez, Jaime, van Geel, Bas, Field, Michael H., Prins, Maarten A., Donders, T.H., Herrera Malatesta, Aduardo, Ulloa Hung, Jorge, McMichael, Crystal, Gosling, W.D. & Hofman, Corinne L. (26.05.2018). Columbus’ footprint in Hispaniola: A paleoenvironmental record of indigenous and colonial impacts on the landscape of the central Cibao Valley, northern Dominican Republic. Anthropocene, 22, (pp. 66-80).
Donders, Timme, Van Helmond, Niels A.G.M., Verreussel, Roel, Munsterman, Dirk, Veen, Johan Ten, Speijer, Robert P., Weijers, Johan W.H., Sangiorgi, Francesca, Peterse, Francien, Reichart, Gert-Jan, Sinninghe Damsté, Jaap S., Lourens, Lucas, Kuhlmann, Gesa & Brinkhuis, Henk (23.03.2018). Land-sea coupling of early Pleistocene glacial cycles in the southern North Sea exhibit dominant Northern Hemisphere forcing. Climate of the Past, 14 (3), (pp. 397-411) (15 p.).
Frieling, J., Huurdeman, Emiel, Rem, Charlotte, Donders, T.H., Pross, Jorg, Bohaty, Steven M., Holdgate, Guy, Gallagher, Stephen, McGowran, Brian & Bijl, P.K. (13.02.2018). Identification of the Paleocene-Eocene boundary in coastal strata in the Otway Basin, Victoria, Australia. Journal of Micropalaeontology, 37 (1), (pp. 317-339).
  2017 - Scholarly publications
Prader, Sabine, Kotthoff, Ulrich, McCarthy, Francine M.G., Schmiedl, Gerhard, Donders, T.H. & Greenwood, David R. (01.12.2017). Vegetation and climate development of the New Jersey hinterland during the late Middle Miocene (IODP Expedition 313 Site M0027). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 485, (pp. 854-868) (15 p.).
QUAIJTAAL, WILLEMIJN, TESSEUR, STEVEN, DONDERS, TIMME H., CLAEYS, PHILIPPE & LOUWYE, STEPHEN (30.01.2017). A revised and improved age model for the middle Miocene part of IODP Site U1318 (Porcupine Basin, offshore southwestern Ireland). Geological Magazine, (pp. 1-12) (12 p.).
Toonen, W.H.J., Cohen, K.M., Prins, M. A., van der Meulen, B., Berger, J.F., Donders, T.H. & Middelkoop, H. (2017). Sedimentary palaeoflood event registration in lowland abandoned channel fills: an integrated Holocene flood record of the Lower Rhine. Quaternary Science Reviews
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  2016 - Scholarly publications
Bertini, Adele, Sadori, Laura, Combourieu-Nebout, Nathalie, Donders, Timme H., Kouli, Katerina, Koutsodendris, Andreas, Joannin, Sébastien, Masi, Alessia, Mercuri, Anna Maria, Panagiotopoulos, Konstantinos, Peyron, Odile, Sinopoli, Gaia, Torri, Paola, Zanchetta, Giovanni, Francke, Alexander & Wagner, Bernd (2016). All together now: An international palynological team documents vegetation and climate changes during the last 500 kyr at lake ohrid (se europe). Alpine and Mediterranean Quaternary, 29 (2), (pp. 201-210) (10 p.).
Hincke, Alexandra J C, Broere, Tom, Kürschner, Wolfram M, Donders, Timme H & Wagner-Cremer, Friederike (2016). Multi-Year Leaf-Level Response to Sub-Ambient and Elevated Experimental CO2 in Betula nana. PLoS One, 11 (6).
Sadori, Laura, Koutsodendris, Andreas, Panagiotopoulos, Konstantinos, Masi, Alessia, Bertini, Adele, Combourieu-Nebout, Nathalie, Francke, Alexander, Kouli, Katerina, Joannin, Sébastien, Mercuri, Anna Maria, Peyron, Odile, Torri, Paola, Wagner, Bernd, Zanchetta, Giovanni, Sinopoli, Gaia & Donders, Timme H. (08.03.2016). Pollen-based paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic change at Lake Ohrid (south-eastern Europe) during the past 500 ka. Biogeosciences, 13 (5), (pp. 1423-1437) (15 p.).
Uitdehaag, Stefan, Wiarda, Wim, Donders, Timme & Kuiper, Irene (01.12.2016). Forensic Comparison of Soil Samples Using Nondestructive Elemental Analysis. Journal of Forensic Sciences © 2016 American Academy of Forensic Sciences..
Vidinski, Aleksandra Cvetkoska, Jovanovska, Elena, Francke, Alexander, Tofilovska, Slavica, Vogel, Hendrik, Levkov, Zlatko, Donders, Timme H., Wagner, Bernd & Wagner-Cremer, Friederike (31.05.2016). Ecosystem regimes and responses in a coupled ancient lake system from MIS 5b to present - The diatom record of lakes Ohrid and Prespa. Biogeosciences, 13 (10), (pp. 3147-3162) (16 p.).
Westerhoff, Wim, Donders, T.H. & Luthi, Stefan M. (10.09.2016). Report on ICDP workshop CONOSC (COring the NOrth Sea Cenozoic). Scientific Drilling, 21, (pp. 47-51) (5 p.).
  2015 - Scholarly publications
Cvetkoska, Aleksandra, Jovanovska, Elena, Francke, A., Tofilovska, Slavica, Vogel, Hendrik, Levkov, Zlatko, Donders, T.H., Wagner, Bernd & Wagner, F. (11.09.2015). Ecosystem regimes and responses in a coupled ancient lake system from MIS 5b to present: the diatom record of lakes Ohrid and Prespa. Biogeosciences Discussions, 12, (pp. 15051-15086) (35 p.).
Hennekam, Rick, Donders, Timme H., Zwiep, Karin & de Lange, Gert J. (15.12.2015). Integral view of Holocene precipitation and vegetation changes in the Nile catchment area as inferred from its delta sediments. Quaternary Science Reviews, 130, (pp. 189-199). The Quaternary History of the River Nile.
Lammertsma, Emmy I., Donders, Timme H., Pearce, Christof, Cremer, Holger, Gaiser, Evelyn E. & Wagner-Cremer, Friederike (01.11.2015). Sensitivity of wetland hydrology to external climate forcing in central Florida. Quaternary Research, 84 (3), (pp. 287-300) (14 p.).
van Helmond, Niels A.G.M., Hennekam, Rick, Donders, Timme H., Bunnik, Frans P.M., de Lange, Gert J., Brinkhuis, Henk & Sangiorgi, Francesca (15.01.2015). Marine productivity leads organic matter preservation in sapropel S1: palynological evidence from a core east of the Nile River outflow. Quaternary Science Reviews, 108, (pp. 130-138) (9 p.).
  2015 - Professional publications
Akkerman, K., Donders, T.H., Hoek, W.Z. & Vidinski, A.C. (2015). Aquatic ecosystem shifts in response to early human land-use in two low-elevation lakes in northwestern Europe. Diatomededelingen, 39, (pp. 41-55).
  2014 - Scholarly publications
Donders, Timme (01.11.2014). Middle Holocene humidity increase in Florida: climate or sea-level?. Quaternary Science Reviews, 103, (pp. 170-174) (5 p.).
Donders, Timme, Hagemans, Kim, Dekker, Stefan, de Weger, Letty, De Klerk, Pim & Wagner - Cremer, Friederike (18.08.2014). Region-Specific Sensitivity of Anemophilous Pollen Deposition to Temperature and Precipitation. PLoS One, 9 (8) (15 p.).
Quaijtaal, Willemijn, Donders, Timme H., Persico, Davide & Louwye, Stephen (01.04.2014). Characterising the middle Miocene Mi-events in the Eastern North Atlantic realm - A first high-resolution marine palynological record from the Porcupine Basin. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 399, (pp. 140-159) (20 p.).
Ten Veen, J. H., De Bruin, G., Verweij, J. M. & Donders, T. (2014). Towards a better understanding of shallow seismic anomalies in the dutch offshore. Shallow Anomalies Workshop: Indications of Prospective Petroleum Systems? European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, EAGE.
Ten Veen, J. H., Verweij, J. M., De Bruin, G. & Donders, T. (01.01.2014). First steps toward maturing the shallow gas play - Results of an integrated exploration workflow. International Petroleum Technology Conference 2014, IPTC 2014: Unlocking Energy Through Innovation, Technology and Capability - Doha, Qatar, 19 - 22 January 2014 (pp. 2960-2967) (8 p.). Society of Petroleum Engineers.
  2013 - Scholarly publications
Donders, T.H., Decuyper, M., Beaubien, S.E., van Hoof, T.B., Cherubini, P. & Sass-Klaassen, U. (2013). Tree rings as biosensor to detect leakage of subsurface fossil CO2. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 19, (pp. 387-395) (9 p.).
Donders, T.H., Punyasena, S.W., de Boer, H.J. & Wagner-Cremer, F. (2013). ENSO signature in botanical proxy time series extends terrestrial El Nino record into the (sub)tropics. Geophysical Research Letters, 40 (21), (pp. 5776-5781) (6 p.).
Lammers, J.M., van Soelen, E.E., Donders, T.H., Wagner-Cremer, F., Sinninghe Damsté, J.S. & Reichart, G.-J. (2013). Natural Environmental Changes versus Human Impact in a Florida Estuary (Rookery Bay, USA). Estuaries and Coasts, 36 (1), (pp. 149-157) (9 p.).
  2013 - Popularising publications
Donders, T.H. (25.10.2013) Invited speaker South Florida Paleoecology Mini-Symposium, invited speaker (Florida International University, Miami, USA) (25.01.2013) ENSO signature in botanical proxy time series extends terrestrial El Nino record into the (sub)tropics
  2012 - Scholarly publications
Pound, Matthew J., Riding, James B., Donders, Timme H. & Daskova, Jirina (2012). The palynostratigraphy of the Brassington Formation (Upper Miocene) of the southern Pennines, central England. Palynology, 36 (1), (pp. 26-37) (12 p.).
  2011 - Scholarly publications
Barke, J., Abels, H.A., Sangiorgi, F., Greenwood, D.R., Sweet, A.R., Donders, T., Reichart, G.-J., Lotter, A.F. & Brinkhuis, H. (2011). Orbitally forced Azolla blooms and Middle Eocene Arctic hydrology: Clues from palynology. Geology, 39 (5), (pp. 427-430) (4 p.).
Donders, T.H., de Boer, H.J., Finsinger, W., Grimm, E.C., Dekker, S.C., Reichart, G.-J. & Wagner-Cremer, F. (2011). Impact of the Atlantic Warm Pool on precipitation and temperature in Florida during North Atlantic cold spells. Climate Dynamics, 36 (1-2), (pp. 109-118) (10 p.).
  2010 - Scholarly publications
Cremer, H., Bunnik, F., Donders, T., Hoek, W.Z., Koolmees, H. & Lavooi, E. (2010). River flooding and landscape changes impact ecological conditions of a scour hole in the Rhine-Meuse delta, The Netherlands. Journal of Palaeolimnology, 44 (3), (pp. 789-801) (13 p.).
van Soelen, E.E., Lammertsma, E.I., Cremer, H., Donders, T.H., Sangiorgi, F., Brooks, G.R., Larson, R.A., Sinninghe Damsté, J.S., Wagner-Cremer, F. & Reichart, G.-J. (2010). Late Holocene sea-level rise in Tampa Bay: Integrated reconstruction using biomarkers, pollen, organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts, and diatoms. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 86 (2), (pp. 216-224) (9 p.).
Wagner-Cremer, F., Donders, T.H. & Visscher, H. (2010). Drought stress signals in modern and sub-fossil Quercus laurifolia (Fagaceae) leaves reflect ENSO-tied winter precipitation in southern Florida. American Journal of Botany, (pp. doi:10.3732/ajb.0900196) (1 p.).
  2009 - Scholarly publications
Donders, T.H. (15.09.2009) Invited speaker Arctic3P conference Moscow (Russia) (15.01.2009)
Donders, T.H., Weijers, J.W.H., Munsterman, D.K., Kloosterboer-van Hoeve, M.L., Buckles, L.K., Pancrost, R.D., Schouten, S., Sinninghe Damsté, J.S. & Brinkhuis, H. (2009). Strong climate coupling of terrestrial and marine environments in the Miocene of northwest Europe. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 281 (3-4), (pp. 215-225) (11 p.).
Sluijs, A., Schouten, S., Donders, T.H., Schoon, P.L., Röhl, U., Reichart, G.-J., Sangiorgi, F., Kim, J.-H., Sinninghe Damste, J.S. & Brinkhuis, H. (2009). Warm and wet conditions in the Arctic region during Eocene Thermal Maximum 2. Nature Geoscience, 2, (pp. 777-780, doi:10.1038/ngeo668) (2 p.).
  2009 - Popularising publications
Donders, T.H. (15.12.2009) Invited speaker 11th International Paleolimnology Symposium (Mexico) (15.01.2009) River floods and landscape changes impact ecological conditions of a scour hole in the Rhine-Meuse delta, The Netherlands
  2008 - Scholarly publications
Donders, T.H., Gorissen, P.M., Sangiorgi, F., Cremer, H., Wagner-Cremer, F. & McGee, V. (2008). Three-hundred-year hydrological changes in a subtropical estuary, Rookery Bay (Florida): Human impact versus natural variability. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 9 (7), (pp. Q07V06, doi:10.1029/2008GC001980.) (1 p.).
Donders, T.H., Wagner-Cremer, F. & Visscher, H. (2008). Integration of proxy data and model scenarios for the mid-Holocene onset of modern ENSO variability. Quaternary Science Reviews, 27, (pp. 571-579) (9 p.).
  2007 - Scholarly publications
Donders, T.H. (10.12.2007) Invited speaker Fall Meeting, American Geophysical Union San Francisco-AGU (10.01.2007)
Donders, T.H., Haberle, S.G., Hope, G., Wagner, F. & Visscher, H. (2007). Pollen evidence for the transition of the Eastern Australian climate system from the post-glacial to the present-day ENSO mode. Quaternary Science Reviews, 26, (pp. 1621-1637) (17 p.).
Donders, T.H., Kloosterboer-van Hoeve, M.L., Westerhoff, W., Verreussel, R.H.C.M. & Lotter, A.F. (2007). Late Neogene continental stages in NW Europe revisited. Earth-Science Reviews, 85, (pp. 161-186) (26 p.).
  2006 - Scholarly publications
Donders, T.H., Wagner, F. & Visscher, H. (2006). Late Pleistocene and Holocene subtropical vegetation dynamics recorded in perched lake deposits on Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 241, (pp. 417-439) (23 p.).
  2005 - Scholarly publications
Donders, T.H., Wagner, F. & Visscher, H. (2005). Quantification strategies for human-induced and natural hydrological changes in southern Florida wetland vegetation. Quaternary Research, 64 (3), (pp. 333-342) (10 p.).
Donders, T.H., Wagner, F., Dilcher, D.L. & Visscher, H. (2005). Mid- to late-Holocene El Niño - Southern Oscillation dynamics reflected in the subtropical terrestrial realm. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 102, (pp. 10904-10908) (5 p.).
  2005 - Popularising publications
Donders, T.H. (2005). Reconstruction of El Niño - Southern Oscillation variability during the Holocene. Thesis abstract. Stuifmail, 24 (2), (pp. 12-16) (5 p.).
  2004 - Scholarly publications
Donders, T.H. (04.07.2004) Invited speaker International Palynological Congress 2004 Granada, Spain (04.07.2004 - 09.07.2004)
Donders, T.H., Wagner, F., van der Borg, K., de Jong, A.F.M. & Visscher, H. (2004). A novel approach for developing high-resolution sub-fossil peat chronologies with 14C dating. Radiocarbon, 46 (1), (pp. 455-463) (9 p.).
Sangiorgi, F. & Donders, T.H. (2004). Reconstructing 150 years of eutrophication in the north-western Adriatic Sea (Italy) using dinoflagellate cysts, pollen and spores. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 60, (pp. 69-79) (11 p.).
  2003 - Scholarly publications
Donders, T.H. (02.09.2003) Invited speaker 18th International Radiocarbon Conference Wellington, New Zealand (02.01.2003)
Donders, T.H. (01.03.2003) Invited speaker Conference on organic substrates of the Fakahatchee Strand and other South Florida sites, Evolutionary Development and Human Impacts. Naples, Florida, USA (01.01.2003)
  0 - Other output
Donders, T.H. 2013 Recipient SERC Endowment Eminent Scholar Program
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Completed projects

Future Delta: Can paleoenvironmental reconstructions help setting targets for nutrient management and legislation in deltas under anthropogenic pressure? 01.02.2016 to 01.07.2016
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Other: UU Focus area "Future Delta"
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Paleontology-flora (Formerly known as Paleoecology, coordination Friederike Wagner-Cremer) -  Level 2 BSc course, code GEO2-4212, period 1, timeslot C


Palaeoenvironments Formerly  known as Environmental change through time, coordinator) - level 3 BSc Course, code GEO3-4312, period 2, timeslot A


Laaglandgenese (coordination Esther Stouthamer) - level 2 BSc course, code code GEO3-4207,  period 4 (full time)

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