Dr. Surya Gayet PhD

Assistant Professor
Experimental Psychology


My general research interest revolves around elucidating how the human brain interprets the plethora of sensory input that is registered by our sensors (e.g., through our eyes and ears) on a moment-to-moment basis, ultimately leading to a conscious experience of the world around us.

To this end, I make use of a combination of psychophysical, computational, eye-tracking, and neuro-imaging methods (fMRI, EEG). Key-words describing my research include visual perception, visual working memory, consciousness, and attentional selection.

I am the head of the CAP-Lab, and work in close collaboration with the Visual Cognitive Neuroscience Lab headed by Marius Peelen (Donders Institute, Nijmegen), and the Attention Lab headed by Stefan van der Stigchel (Utrecht University).


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Studium Generale Eindhoven 2023 (EN): "Visual vs Brains - Seeing the world through our brains"