Dr. Surya Gayet PhD

Assistant Professor
Experimental Psychology



My general research interest revolves around elucidating how the human brain interprets the plethora of visual input impinging on our retinae on a moment-to-moment basis, ultimately leading to a conscious visual experience.


In my ongoing NWO Veni-funded project I investigate how visual perception in naturalistic scenes is modulated by expectations and by the behavioral goals of the observer. To this end, I make use of a combination of psychophysical, modeling, and neuro-imaging methods. Key-words describing my research include visual perception, visual working memory, consciousness, and attentional selection.


I am the head of the CAP-Lab, and work in close collaboration with the Visual Cognitive Neuroscience Lab headed by Marius Peelen (Donders Institute, Nijmegen), and the Attention Lab headed by Stefan van der Stigchel (Utrecht University).



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Studium Generale Eindhoven 2023 (EN): "Visual vs Brains - Seeing the world through our brains"