Dr. Rick Dolphijn is a writer, educator, and curator, serving as an associate professor at Media and Culture Studies, Humanities, Utrecht University. He published widely on continental philosophy (Gilles Deleuze and Michel Serres) and the contemporary arts. He studies posthumanism, new materialism, material culture (food studies), and ecology. He coordinates the Humanities Honours Program, is involved in interfaculty cooperation concerning Community Based Research, Open Cities, and COVID-19. Since 2015 he runs an undergraduate exchange with the University of Hong Kong (themed "The More-Than-Human City"), a graduate exchange (themed "The Lives of the Delta") commenced in 2021. Rick Dolphijn is an Honorary Professor at the University of Hong Kong (2017-2026) and a Visiting Professor at the University of Barcelona (2019/2020). In 2024 he is Vice Chacellors Visiting Professor at the University of Gdansk. His books include Foodscapes  (Eburon/University of Chicago Press 2004), New Materialism: Interviews and Cartographies (Open Humanities Press 2012, with Iris van der Tuin). His academic work has appeared in journals like Continental Philosophy Review, Angelaki, RhizomesCollapse, and Deleuze Studies. Together with Rosi Braidotti he edited three books: This Deleuzian Century: Art, Activism, Life (Brill/Rodopi 2014/5), Philosophy after Nature (2017), and Deleuze and Guattari and Fascism (2022). He was the sole editor of Michel Serres and the Crises of the Contemporary (Bloomsbury Academic 2019/20). His monography, The Philosophy of Matter: a Meditation, appeared with Bloomsbury Academic in 2021, and was published as a trade book in Dutch (Filosofie van de Materie, Noordboek) in 2022. He is a PI in three international research projects: Food2Gather (HERA funded 2019-2022), IMAGINE (Norwegian Research Council 2021-2024), CONVIVIUM (EU HORIZON 2024-2027).