Prof. dr. Peter Hecht

Emeritus Professor
Art History
Art History

Peter Hecht studied art history in Utrecht, and was lucky enough to count Jan Emmens, Eddy de Jongh and Evert van Uitert among his teachers. He is a specialist in Dutch 17th-century art, with a particular interest in its interpretation, later reception and influence. Most of his other work is concerned with the history and function of Dutch public art collections, while he also takes a keen interest in museum education. He has been a guest curator in several major Dutch museums, and given much time to his work as an editor of Simiolus, Netherlands Quarterly for the History of Art. In 2009 he was made the first fellow of the Rembrandt Association.  Within the art history program, he is the coordinator of the research master Art History of the Low Countries in its European context.

History of the visual arts 1600-1900