Prof. dr. Naomi Ellemers

Martinus J. Langeveldgebouw
Heidelberglaan 1
Kamer H 1.38
3584 CS Utrecht

Prof. dr. Naomi Ellemers

Distinguished University Professor
Social and Behavioural Sciences
+31 30 253 4575

"Don't appeal to people's morality, but search together for new rules of play for appropriate behaviour."

Research focus: Social safety, Diversity and Inclusion, Integrity and ethical climate, Leadership and culture change. 

Naomi Ellemers has been a social and organisational psychologist and university professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Utrecht University since 2015. Ellemers was elected a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), corresponding member of the British Academy. She received, among others,  and international member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She received the NWO Spinoza award, and is chair of the board of the NWO Gravitation program on sustainable cooperation (SCOOP). 

From 2015-2023 she was member external supervisory board, PwC, the Netherlands (expert for
culture and behaviour).

She is one of the initiators of the National Integration Fund (now: Netherlands InclusiveMonitor) and one of Athena's Angels.

Focus on how people live and work together

Naomi Ellemers researches the way people live together and work together in groups. She especially looks at how people's behaviour is influenced by others around them - whether they are present or not. She does experiments on brain activity and physical stress, but also looks at how people behave at work.

Specialization: diversity & inclusion and integrity & ethical behaviour

The two topics she specializes in are diversity and inclusion, and integrity and ethical behaviour.

From this perspective, she studies topics such as diversity and innovation in teams and organisations, career development of women and ethnic minorities, motivation and commitment in work teams, and ethical standards and moral behaviour in (professional) groups.

She also applies her scientific knowledge to applied issues, organisational advice, and professional development, including supervision of organisational culture and ethical climate, implicit prejudices in recruitment and selection, and corporate social responsibility. She is active as a core researcher in the NWO Gravity Programme Sustainable Cooperation (SCOOP).


SCOOP Congres


From 2020 -2022 Naomi was chair of the KNAW Committee on Roots and Prevention of Inappropriate Behaviour in Academia where she by request of the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, published the report Social Safety in Dutch Academia: From Paper to Practice, a guide with recommendations and tips for preventing or tackling inappropriate behaviour at an early stage. Its purpose is to initiate a process for increasing social safety in Dutch academia.

Naomi Ellemers explains the report


Presenting “Effects of gender bias in organisations” at the symposium on “Gender Bias: Sciences & Practices”, Paris Brain Institute, April 8, 2022

Round Table discussion on “The Origins of Gender Differences” with Naomi Ellemers and two other scientists, Paris Brain Institute, April 8, 2022