Prof. dr. Mayke de Jong

Emeritus Professor
Medieval History
Department of History and Art History

Mayke de Jong  is Professor Emerita of Medieval History,  and a specialist of the political and religious history of the early middle ages. She has published widely on monastic life, biblical commentary, penance, historiography and political discourse in the Carolingian period (c. 750-900), and retired in May 2016. Her most recent monograph is Epitaph for an Era: Politics and Rhetoric in the Carolingian World (Cambridge UP, 2019; paperback 2020). Together with Prof. Justin Lake she translated the Epitaphium Arsenii by Paschasius Radbertus, a translation (with introduction and annotation) that that has appeared in May 2020 with Manchester UP as Confronting Crisis in the Carolingian Empire: Paschasius Radbertus and his Funeral Oration for Wala of Corbie. Future research includes a further exploration of the boundaries of religion and politics, with some more attention to the post-Carolingian period. 

Medieval History (prof.em.)
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