Dr. Michèlle Bal

Sjoerd Groenmangebouw
Padualaan 14
Kamer A2.15
3584 CH Utrecht

Dr. Michèlle Bal

Assistant Professor
Interdisciplinary Social Science
+31 30 253 3056

As of February 2016 Michèlle is working as an Assistant Professor in ISS - Public Health at Utrecht University. Her research focusses on perceptions of justice and injustice. She addresses questions, such as: What do people consider just and why? And how do people deal with a confrontation with injustice? She is working on three broad topics, all focusing on perceptions of (in)justice. First, she studies how perceptions of justice and injustice play a role in sustainable behavioral decisions. Second, she investigates how (in)justice perceptions influence processes of radicalization and polarization. Third, she examines to what extent feelings of relative deprivation can help explain inequities in health and well-being. As an Assistant Professor, she is also involved in different courses on the philosophy of (social) science and social justice and she supervises BA and MA students in their thesis research. 

Before working here, Michèlle obtained a PhD at the UU with a project on the psychological processes that play a role in victim blaming and victim support after which she worked for several years as an Assistant Professor in Criminology at Leiden University.