Dr. Lotte Henrichs

Assistant Professor

Teacher Educator

Lotte is an Assistant Professor at the department of Education. She teaches in the Graduate School of Education (GST) and at the Primary Education Teacher Education Programme, where she participates in courses on student-teacher interaction and relationships and equitable educational opportunities for diverse learners. 


Lotte's research focus is culturally responsive teaching (CRT) and inclusive education. In her research, she seeks to identify good practices of CRT within highly heterogeneous Dutch elementary school classrooms - both in primary and in secondary education. 

In and shortly after the Covid-19 school closures, Lotte coordinated research projects concerning the impact of the covid-19 crisis, together with a group of dedicated colleagues and students. Together they wrote this brief online article about the project. The scientific paper was published in the Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research.

Advancement of school - university partnerships

Furthermore, Lotte is an active advocate of the advancement of a partnership between Utrecht institutes for research and higher education and schools within the Utrecht Region, in order to advance educational quality in a research-informed manner. To this end, she is an active member of the Utrecht Educational Research Lab (see: Henrichs et al. 2017)

12 mei 2016 Aanbieden onderzoeksrapport 'Wetenschap en werkveld ontmoeten elkaar in actieonderzoek'