drs. Jan-Willem de Blok
Department Manager
Earth Sciences - Earth sciences Office
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I am currently working as managing director of the Department of Earth Sciences.

This position is both about 'business' and about 'content'. For one part it concerns responsibilities for a number of financial and administratives issues, coordinating housing issues, social affairs, internal communication, etc.. The other part is involvement in the department's strategies for research and education, responding to outside directives (faculty, university, ministry), providing adequate management information for the university, its partners, and its 'peers', etc.

Basically, I am in the middle of everything...


In addition, I am a member of Supervisory Board of the Stichting Geowetenschappelijke Activiteiten and a member of the Board of the LPP Foundation.

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Curriculum vitae

Current positions

  • 2003 – now        managing director, Department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht Univ.
  • 2005 – now        member of the Supervisory Board of the Stichting 
                            Geowetenschappelijke Activiteiten (www.georeizen.nl)
  • 2012 – now        member of the Board of the Laboratory of Palaeobotany and
    Palynology Foundation (LPP)

Previous employment

  • 2000 – 2003      Policy advisor, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University 
  • 1997 – 2000      Junior Teacher, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University
  • 1988 – 1990      Adjunct-auditor, Rijksaccountantsdienst Zeist, Ministry of Finance


  • Nominated Teaching Talent of the Year, Utrecht University 2000/2001 (awarded runner-up)


  • Basic Teaching Qualification, Utrecht University, 2000
  • MSc. Geophysics, 1997
  • Adjunct-auditor Rijksaccountantsdienst, 1988
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All publications
  Reports - 2017
de Blok, Jan-Willem, Middelburg, Jack J. & Drury, Martyn R. (2017). Self-assessment of Research, Mid-term Review 2017 - Department of Earth Sciences 2014-2016, internal report. (130 p.). Utrecht: UU Dept. of Earth Sciences.
  Reports - 2014
de Blok, Jan Willem, Trampert, Jeannot & Middelburg, Jack (2014). Quality Assessment of Research: Self-assessment 2008-2013 - Institute for Earth Sciences Utrecht (IVAU). (113 p.). Utrecht: UU Dept. of Earth Sciences, Institute for Earth Sciences Utrecht (IVAU).
  Reports - 2012
Trampert, Jeannot & de Blok, Jan Willem (2012). Quality Assessment of Research: Mid-term self-assessment 2008-2011 - Institute of Earth Sciences Utrecht, internal report. (106 p.). Utrecht: UU Dept. of Earth Sciences.
  Reports - 2009
de Blok, J.W. & Van Cappellen, P.S.J. (2009). Self-Assessment Report 2002-2007, Part 2: Institute of Earth Sciences Utrecht (IVAU). (463 p.). Utrecht: UU Dept. of Earth Sciences, Assessment of research 2002-2007.
  Lectures - 2016
Jan-Willem de Blok (07.04.2016) NAC 13
Jan-Willem de Blok (28.10.2016) Sustainability Conference Utrecht University 2016
  Lectures - 2015
Jan-Willem de Blok (27.10.2015) International Sustainability Conference Utrecht
  Lectures - 0
Jan-Willem de Blok () NAC 12
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Full name
drs. J.W. de Blok Contact details
Willem C. van Unnikgebouw

Heidelberglaan 2
Room 825A
The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 5098
Phone number (department) +31 30 253 5151
Postal address
Postbus 80.115
3508 TC    UTRECHT
The Netherlands
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