Dr. Jacco C.M. Farla (1965) is Associate Professor at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University. He received his PhD in 2000 from the dept. of Science, Technology and Society, Utrecht University. His research interests are at the intersection of innovation studies and sustainable development in the energy and mobility sectors. He has previously combined academic and policy-related work in the fields of sustainable development and energy/mobility at Utrecht University (1991-1999), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Fulbright Scholarship, 1995), Province of Noord-Brabant (1997-2002), Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (now PBL; 2002-2006), Utrecht University (2006-present). Jacco Farla teaches courses on “Management of Energy and Transport Technologies”. He became Teaching Fellow at Utrecht University in 2012 (until 2014); his project related to restructuring the Honours programme at the Faculty of Geosciences. Jacco Farla was in the Board of the Teaching Academy Utrecht University ( in the period 2014-2017. His current research is on bike innovations in the NWO-funded “Smart Cycling Futures” project. Currently Jacco Farla is also appointed director of education at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development. 


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Curriculum vitae

2006 – current

Director Honours College Geosciences (1); Assistant professor Innovation studies (2); Programme leader bachelor programme Science & Innovation management (3)

Research related to Innovation and sustainable development (often related to the energy and transport sectors) (2); Education (related to innovation studies, sustainability and transport) (2); Supervising and coordinating the bachelor programme (3)


2002 – 2006

Policy advisor / policy researcher

Policy advice related to Energy policy, Transition management policy, Sustainable development and Climate policy

Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency PBL

National government agency


1997 – 2002

Policy advisor Energy policy

Development and implementation of Energy and Climate policy initiatives; Revision of regional wind energy policy

Province of Noord-Brabant

Regional government


1991 – 1997

Researcher Energy and Climate

Research on Energy efficiency, Energy efficiency policy evaluation, Carbon capture and storage, Guest researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 1995 (Fulbright Scholarship)

Utrecht University, Science Faculty

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All publications
  2016 - Other output
J.C.M. Farla (01.04.2016) Interview in the magazine DeCaZine, number 13, pages 26 - 31
J.C.M. Farla (03.06.2016) The role of reflection in an interdisciplinary Geo Honours College
  2015 - Scholarly publications
Alkemade, Floortje, Farla, Jacco & Hekkert, Marko (2015). Introduction to the IST2014 special section. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 16 (September 2015), (pp. 1-2) (2 p.).
Bakker, S. & Farla, J.C.M. (2015). Electrification of the car - Will the momentum last? Introduction to the special issue. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 14, (pp. 1-4).
Wesseling, Joeri, Farla, J. C M & Hekkert, M. P. (01.09.2015). Exploring car manufacturers' responses to technology-forcing regulation - The case of California's ZEV mandate. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 16, (pp. 87-105) (19 p.).
Wesseling, Joeri, Farla, J.C.M. & Hekkert, M.P. (2015). De politieke strategieën van autofabrikanten ten opzichte van milieubeleid in Californië. Tijdschrift Vervoerswetenschap, 51 (2), (pp. 68-91).
  2015 - Other output
J.C.M. Farla (28.08.2015) Chair of the session "Discursive perspectives on transition processes"
J.C.M. Farla (18.03.2015) Workshop Cycling Cities
J.C.M. Farla (18.08.2015) Workshop Future Cycling Transitions
  2014 - Scholarly publications
Van Rijnsoever, Frank J. & Farla, Jacco C M (01.03.2014). Identifying and explaining public preferences for the attributes of energy technologies. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 31 (March 2014), (pp. 71-82) (12 p.).
Wesseling, J. H., Farla, J. C M, Sperling, D. & Hekkert, M. P. (28.07.2014). Car manufacturers' changing political strategies on the ZEV mandate. Transportation Research, Part D: Transport and Environment, 33 (December 2014), (pp. 196-209) (15 p.).
  2013 - Scholarly publications
Meelen, A.A.H. & Farla, J.C.M. (2013). Towards an integrated framework for analyzing sustainable innovation policy. Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 25 (8), (pp. 957-970) (14 p.).
  2013 - Professional publications
van der Weerd, R., Bekking, K. & Farla, J.C.M. (2013). Uitrol elektisch vervoer kan beter gestimuleerd worden. Verkeerskunde, 06 (2013).
  2013 - Other output
Farla, J.C.M. (29.11.2013). Panel member at Honours Teaching Course by the Centre of Excellence in University Teaching.
Farla, J.C.M. (2013). Referent for NWO MaGW programme "Research talent" 2013.
J.C.M. Farla (03.10.2013) Assessing the difference
J.C.M. Farla (19.06.2013) User involvement in niche experiments. A study of Dutch experiments in electric mobility
van der Weerd, R., Bekking, K. & Farla, J.C.M. (2013). Uitrol elektrisch vervoer kan beter gestimuleerd worden (VK 6/2013).
  2012 - Scholarly publications
Farla, J.C.M., Markard, J., Raven, Rob & Coenen, L.E (2012). Sustainability transitions in the making: A closer look at actors, strategies and resources. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 79 (6), (pp. 991-998) (8 p.).
Zwartkruis, J.V., Moors, E.H.M., Farla, J.C.M. & van Lente, H. (2012). Agri-food in search of sustainability: cognitive, interactional and material framing. Journal on Chain and Network Science, 12 (2), (pp. 99-110) (12 p.).
  2012 - Professional publications
Bouwhuis, H., Farla, J.C.M. & Amelink, M. (2012). Slimme auto-industrie of wegbeheerder: wie trekt er aan de touwtjes?. Verkeerskunde, 7 (11 december 2012), (pp. 34-35) (2 p.).
  2011 - Professional publications
Farla, J.C.M., Peine, A., Bekking, K. & Talens, H. (2011). Hoe ouder, hoe mobieler. Verkeerskunde, 07 (11), (pp. 44-47) (4 p.).
van den Berg, I., van Dijk, J., Farla, J.C.M., van Laerhoven, F.S.J. & van Rijnsoever, F.J. (2011). Peer feedback bij de Bachelor thesis. Eindrapport didactische aanpak. (26 p.). Utrecht: Centrum voor Onderwijs en Leren.
  2011 - Other output
J.C.M. Farla (23.06.2011) Agro-food in search of sustainability: a study of reframing processess
J.C.M. Farla (09.05.2011) Innovatie voor een duurzaam, vitaal en veilig mobiliteitsstysteem
J.C.M. Farla (13.06.2011) Measuring the alignment of perspectives in a socio-technical system. Introduction of electric vehicles in the Netherlands
J.C.M. Farla (18.02.2011) Sustainable development in Dutch agriculture: reframing in transition processes
  2010 - Scholarly publications
Farla, J.C.M., Alkemade, F. & Suurs, R.A.A. (2010). Analysis of barriers in the transistion toward sustainable mobility in the Netherlands. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 77 (8), (pp. 1260-1269) (10 p.).
Zwartkruis, J.V., Klerkx, L., Moors, E.H.M., Farla, J.C.M. & Smits, R.E.H.M. (04.07.2010). Co-innovation in sustainable laying hen husbandry systems: Investigating the interactive framing of sustainability. In I. Darnhofer & M. Groetzer (Eds.), Building sustainable rural futures: The added value of systems approaches in times of change and uncertainty (pp. 413-422) (10 p.). Vienna, Austria, Proceedings of the 9th European IFSA Symposium.
  2010 - Professional publications
Alkemade, F., Hekkert, M.P. & Farla, J.C.M. (2010). Het innovatiesysteem voor de glastuinbouw in 2020. Utrecht 2010: InnovationNetwork, Rapport is opgesteld in het kader van het InnovatieNetwerk-thema Duurzaam Ondernemen en het SIGN-programma Glastuinbouw 2030, speerpunt Optimaliseren innovatielandschap.
Hoen, A., Wortman, S. & Farla, J.C.M. (2010). De vergeten transportsectoren. Milieu / VVM, 2010 (3), (pp. 23-26) (4 p.).
  2010 - Other output
Farla, J.C.M. (21.05.2010). Lid van Beoordelingscommissie Innovatieprogramma Klimaatneutrale Steden (tweede fase). bij AgentschapNL.
J.C.M. Farla (04.07.2010) Co-innovation in Sustainable Laying Hen Husbandry Systems: Investigating the interactive framing of sustainability
J.C.M. Farla (17.06.2010) Innovators and a Systemic Perspective on Innovation. The case of Inorganic Membranes
J.C.M. Farla (02.09.2010) Mapping socio-technical scenarios of emerging technologies. An interactive method applied to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
  2009 - Scholarly publications
van Rijnsoever, F.J., Farla, J.C.M. & Dijst, M.J. (2009). Consumer car preferences and information search channels. Transportation Research, Part D: Transport and Environment, 14 (5), (pp. 334-342) (9 p.).
  2009 - Other output
J.C.M. Farla (28.09.2009) Gamma & EOS-LT: Een sociaalwetenschappelijke kijk op technologische ontwikkeling
  2008 - Professional publications
Hekkert, M.P. & Farla, J.C.M. (2008). Genoeg opties om het klimaatprobleem te reduceren. Geografie, 17 (1), (pp. 10-13) (4 p.).
  2008 - Other output
J.C.M. Farla (11.09.2008) In top Gear towards Sustainable Mobility: Consumer Preferences and Information Search Channels
J.C.M. Farla (10.11.2008) The transition toward sustainable mobility in the Netherlands: Analysis of policy initiatives, barriers and risks
  2007 - Scholarly publications
Farla, J.C.M. (2007). Sustainability in transport innovation processes: the use of expert-knowledge from society. Proceedings of the 34th Colloquium Vervoersplanologisch Speurwerk 2007: De Xpert-factor (pp. 509-528) (20 p.). Rotterdam: CVS.
Neelis, M.L., Ramirez-Ramirez, A., Patel, M.K., Farla, J.C.M., Boonekamp, P.G.M. & Blok, K. (2007). Energy efficiency developments in the Dutch energy-intensive manufacturing industry, 1980-2003. Energy Policy, 35 (12), (pp. 6112-6131) (20 p.).
  2007 - Other output
J.C.M. Farla (23.11.2007) Sustainability in transport innovation processes: the use of expert-knowledge from society
  0 - Other output
J.C.M. Farla () Speed talk Session: Emerging roles in the transition towards automated vehicles
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Current courses:

  • Management E&T Technologieën (GEO1-2272)
  • Bachelor Thesis (GEO3-2228)
  • Master Thesis (GEO4-2239)

Previous courses:

  • Innovaties voor Duurzame Mobiliteit (GEO2-2214)
  • Module op Maat (GEO3-2267)
  • Policies for Energy & Material Transitions (GEO4-2311)
  • Innovatieproject 2 (GEO3-2226)
  • Duurzaam Ruimtegebruik (GEO3-2121)
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Additional functions and activities

Director of education

Board member Teaching Academy UU

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Full name
dr. J.C.M. Farla Contact details
Willem C. van Unnikgebouw

Heidelberglaan 2
Room 10.27
The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 7850
Phone number (department) +31 30 253 1625
Postal address
Postbus 80.115
3508 TC    UTRECHT
The Netherlands
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