Prof. dr. Hans Middelkoop

Global Change Geomorphology
+31 30 253 2167

"How can we design and evaluate pathways to sustainable deltas in the future?"

Hans Middelkoop is since 2009 professor Physical Geography - Global change geomorphology. He is also Hub leader of Water, Climate & Future Deltas. The Hub is part of the strategic theme Pathways to Sustainability

About the hub

In the hub Water, Climate and Future Deltas researchers from varying disciplines at Utrecht University cooperate with external partners to design and evaluate pathways to sustainable delta development. The hub will provide policy makers and delta managers with the essential scientific basis for informed decision-making on pathways towards sustainable deltas. The hub comprises three research lines that together are required for sustainable development:

  1. Development of integrated scenarios for external conditions for delta pathways
  2. Delta system functioning
  3. Exploring sustainable pathways

The hub will work together closely with stakeholders in a co-creative process across a range of delta environments with long-term challenges, starting with the Rhine-Meuse delta in the Netherlands, the Mekong delta in Vietnam, and the Mississippi delta in the United States.

The IJssel River near Gorssel (The Netherlands)

The Volga-Akhtuba floodplain
Physical Geography - Global change geomorphology
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