Dr. Gerbrand Koren

Assistant Professor
Global Ecohydrology and Sustainability

Press releases

Research topics

My research areas are the carbon and water cycle, with a focus on the exchange of CO2 between the atmosphere and biosphere in tropical regions. I want to contribute to a better understanding of the impact of environmental conditions on this exchange, for example the response of the Amazon forest to severe droughts (Koren et al., 2018).


In my research I use stable isotopes (d13C, d18O, D17O, D47), remote sensing products (SIF, NIRv) and models (TM5, CarbonTracker) to constrain gross primary production (GPP) and net ecosystem exchange (NEE) of CO2. I enjoy in-depth explorations of a particular method, such as D17O (Koren et al., 2019; Koren, 2021), but I also feel that the combination of different methods is a promising way forward.


Although I am working mainly as a modeler, I try to find time to contribute to occasional measurement campaigns, such as a recent campaign at the Loobos flux tower site (see ICOS success story). As a supporter of open science, I intend to make the software that we develop available (e.g., a leaf model and TM5 code) and publish the data sets that we create in open repositories. Next to teaching and publishing research (Google Scholar), I enjoy contributing to the community by taking on editorial (see special issue in Climate Resilience and Sustainability) and reviewing tasks.