Prof. dr. F.G. (Friedrich) Förster

Academic Director 
David de Wiedgebouw
Universiteitsweg 99
Kamer 2.70
3584 CG Utrecht

Prof. dr. F.G. (Friedrich) Förster

Structural Biochemistry
Academic Director
+31 30 253 4318

“We aim at a structural understanding of processes at native cellular membranes.”

Research focus: Biochemistry, Cryo-electron Microscopy, Electron Tomography

Friedrich Förster is Professor of Cryo-electron microscopy and head of the In Situ Structural Biology Lab, part of the Structural Biochemistry section.

Focus on structure determination of membrane-associated macromolecular assemblies

His laboratory focuses on the structural characterization of membrane-associated processes and those carried out by transient soluble assemblies using electron cryo-microscopy approaches. The work includes both development of computational methods (e.g., cryo subtomogram analysis, integrative modeling) and experimental studies ranging from isolated protein complexes to whole cells. A strong basis on physics and computation allows us to address structural biology questions from unusual angles at the interface of molecular and cellular structural biology. Main biological interests include a molecular understanding of the biogenesis of proteins at organelle membranes studies and its regulation in health and disease.


Biological Interests
Cryo electron microscopy