Dr. D.M. (David) Baneke

Buys Ballotgebouw
Princetonplein 5
Kamer 3.02
3584 CC Utrecht

Dr. D.M. (David) Baneke

Associate Professor
History and Philosophy of Science
+31 30 253 8188

What do we, as a society, think that science and scientists can do for us? What are those expectations based on? And how have those expectations changed over the last two centuries? Those questions have been central in my research and teaching. 

I am a historian of science, more specifically: of modern science in its cultural and social setting. My research topics include:

  • the history of weather forecasting
  • the moral economy of international cooperation in science
  • the history of astronomy and space science 
  • science and modernity: the role of experts in modern society
  • the role of universities and science education in modern society and culture

I regularly publish book reviews and essays.

I am lecturer and programme coordinator of the master's programme History and Philosophy of Science.