I am interested in landscape ecology and system ecology particularly the effect of physical variable on biological community structure and biodiversity. I employ GIS and remote-sensing to study spatial and temporal pattern of ecosystem and try to understand their functions.

Currently, my PhD research is about hydrochemisty and ecological functioning of river floodplains in a monsoon river in Thailand and in a snow melting river in Poland. I like to compare these two different floodplain systems and find out how are they similar or different.  

river floodplain in Thailand

Water sampling, fieldwork in Thailand

Walked in the floodplain, Beibrza, Poland

Poland river floodplain, Narew River, fieldwork
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All publications
  2018 - Scholarly publications
Walalite, Tanapipat, Dekker, Stefan C., Schot, Paul P. & Wassen, Martin J. (2018). Unraveling the ecological functioning of the monsoonal Songkhram river floodplain in Thailand by integrating data on soil, water, and vegetation. Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology, 18 (1), (pp. 10-21).
  2016 - Scholarly publications
Walalite, Tanapipat, Dekker, Stefan C., Keizer, Floris M., Kardel, Ignacy, Schot, Paul P., deJong, Steven M. & Wassen, Martin J. (2016). Flood Water Hydrochemistry Patterns Suggest Floodplain Sink Function for Dissolved Solids from the Songkhram Monsoon River (Thailand). Wetlands, 36 (6), (pp. 995-1008) (14 p.).
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