Richard Pelgrim MSc
Project Co-ordinator
Urban Futures Studio
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Richard is project facilitator at the Urban Futures Studio and co-ordinator of the Imagining Urban Futures festival. Trained in architecture, anthropology, and human geography, his engagement with 'the urban' oscillates between research and practice, and is commited as much to academic rigour as it is to creative diversion.

Richard recently completed the research master Human Geography and Planning at Utrecht University. His master's thesis, entitled Everyday Humanitarian Geographies: Security and Segregation in Beirut, Lebanon, was based on qualitative fieldwork amongst international aid workers in Beirut and explored the extent to which security considerations were implicated in urban segregation patterns.

Last year, Richard also co-ordinated Games for Cities, a yearlong city-gaming program initiated by Play the City in Amsterdam.

Richard's publications include Fractured Space: The Case of Souk al-Ahad, Beirut (co-author), Bus #4 (creative non-ficion), and Lands of Our Fathers (creative non-fiction). An article based on his masters' thesis is in the pipeline.

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