Laurens van Gestel MSc
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Laurens' research project focuses on the working mechanisms of nudging techniques. With this research he aims to investigate how and under what circumstances nudges are effective in promoting healthy eating behavior. He specifically focuses on (1) the extent to which the effectiveness of nudges requires effort from individuals who are being nudged, and (2) the extent to which the effectiveness of nudges respects the intentions of the individual (i.e., motivation to eat more healthily). Throughout this research project he also examines how effort and motivation relate to acceptability of nudges.


Laurens is involved as a tutorial teacher in several Bachelor and Master courses within the Health Psychology program. He also supervises students' Bachelor and Master theses and internships.


Laurens received his BA (cum laude) in Liberal Arts and Sciences from University College Roosevelt in 2013, and his MSc in Social and Health Psychology (research master) from Utrecht University in 2015. In 2016 Laurens started his PhD project at the faculty of Social Sciences at Utrecht University.

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van Gestel, L.C., Kroese, F.M. & de Ridder, D.T.D. (2018). Nudging at the checkout counter - A longitudinal study of the effect of a food repositioning nudge on healthy food choice. Psychology & Health, 33 (6), (pp. 800-809).
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Health Improvement Through Nudging Techniques (HINTS)
01.09.2016 to 01.09.2020
General project description 

The overall aim of the HINTS research program is to gain more insight into nudges as novel techniques for health promotion. The proposed program aims to identify and investigate effects and impact of nudges to promote healthy diets in three projects.

The first project (Eva Groen-Reijman at Wageningen University) aims to identify and justify norms for responsible nudges in the context of health nutrition. Qualitative research is conducted to gain insight into the opportunities and barriers of nudges for acceptability and desirability with users and end-users. The empirical data from projects 2 and 3 will inform a normative analysis of the ethical aspects of nudging, and subsequently we identify specific ethical dimensions of healthy diet nudges by private companies or organizations.

The second project (Laurens van Gestel at Utrecht University) aims to investigate how and under what specific conditions nudges may contribute to healthy diets.  By means of laboratory experiments, more fundamental insight will be gained into the psychological processes and mechanisms by which nudges promote healthy diets. This project will specifically focus on both the experience of being nudged (i.e., how nudging affects feelings of autonomous decision making) and how nudging actually promotes healthy decisions.

The third project (Merije van Rookhuizen at Wageningen University) aims to evaluate whether and for whom nudges can have short- and long-term impact on health behavior. By means of experiments in ecologically valid real-life settings, insight will be gained into who will be reached with and exposed to nudges and into the sustainability of nudging effects on behavior change and habit formation.


Role Researcher Funding
Other grant (government funding)
Project members UU
External project members:
  • Marcel Verweij
  • Emely de Vet
  • Eva Groen-Reijman
  • Merije van Rookhuizen

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Additional functions and activities

Editor-in-chief In-Mind Nederland

PhD Student Representative Kurt Lewin Institute (KLI)

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