dr. Anouk van der Weiden
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Anouk van der Weiden is a lecturer in social and health psychology. She is involved in teaching and coordinating subjects ranging from social cognition and group processes, to self-regulation and topical issues in health psychology. In addition she supervises bachelor and (research) master theses. Moreover, she is responsible for coordinating the internationalisation of the social, health, and organisational psychology master.


Academic background:

She graduated from Utrecht University’s Master in Social Psychology (cum laude) in 2008 on her thesis that addressed the effect of observed gaze-shifts on object desirability. She then commenced a PhD project on the experience of controlling one’s own actions (experience of self-agency). In 2012, she continued and extended this line of research as a post-doc at the Psychiatry Department of the University Medical Centre in Utrecht. Here, she studied the integration and distinction of self and other in relation to 1) how people perceive own or others’ body or behavior as their own (i.e., experiences of ownership and agency), 2) how these experiences develop over age in both health and disease (i.e. schizophrenia patients and their offspring), and 3) how these experiences affect people’s (inter)actions (e.g., joint action performance, social distance). In 2015, she shifted her focus from experienced action control to actual action control, by studying the ability to control undesired impulses in order to attain long-term health goals (self-regulation) as a post-doc at the self-regulation lab at Utrecht University. 

Strategic themes / Focus areas
Scientific expertise
action control
social interaction
self-agency experiences
referential action coding
social cognition
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All publications
  Articles - Scholarly publications
Prikken, Merel, van der Weiden, A., Kahn, R.R., Aarts, H. & van Haren, N.E.M. (2018). Impaired self-agency inferences in schizophrenia: The role of cognitive capacity and causal reasoning style. European Psychiatry, 47, (pp. 27-34).
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van der Weiden, Anouk, Aarts, Henk, Prikken, Merel & van Haren, Neeltje E M (02.11.2015). Individual differences in action co-representation - not personal distress or subclinical psychotic experiences but sex composition modulates joint action performance. Experimental Brain Research
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van der Weiden, A., Aarts, H. & Ruijs, K.I. (2011). Prime and Probability: Causal Knowledge Affects Inferential and Predictive Effects on Self-Agency Experiences. Consciousness and Cognition, 20, (pp. 1865-1871) (7 p.).
van der Weiden, A., Aarts, H. & Ruijs, K.I. (2010). Reflecting on the action or its outcome: Behavior representation level modulates high level outcome priming effects on self-agency experiences. Consciousness and Cognition, 19, (pp. 21-32) (12 p.).
van der Weiden, A., Veling, H.P. & Aarts, H. (2010). When observing gaze shifts of other enhances object desirability. Emotion, 10, (pp. 939-943) (5 p.).
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Internationalisation coordinator (2017-present)

Supervision of PhD students (2013-present)

Supervision of bachelor and (research) master theses (2011-present)

Teacher for Integrative Research Practicum (2017-present)

Teacher for Self-Regulation (2017-present)

Teacher and Coordinator for Topical Issues in Health Psychology (2016-present)

Teacher for Methods and Statistics 3 (2015-2016)

Teacher for Health promotion (2010-2011)

Teacher and coordinator for Social Cognition (2009-2011; 2017-present)

Teacher for Inter- and Intra group processes (2009-2010; 2017-present)

Teacher for Power, Leadership and Decision making processes (2008-2009; 2017-2018)




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