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Scientific expertise
antimicrobial assays
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Curriculum vitae

PhD: Dept. of Veterinary Biochemistry, Utrecht University, 1995-2000

Post-doc: Dept. Microbiology & Immunology, University of British Columbia, Canada (2000-2002)

Post doc: Department of Veterinary Public Health, Utrecht University (2002-2005)

Assistant Professor: Department of Infectious Diseases & Immunology, Div Molecular Host Defence(2005-..)

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All publications
  Articles - 2018
Gao, Jiye, Scheenstra, Maaike R, van Dijk, Albert, Veldhuizen, Edwin J A & Haagsman, Henk P (2018). A new and efficient culture method for porcine bone marrow-derived M1- and M2-polarized macrophages. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, 200, (pp. 7-15) (9 p.). Copyright © 2018 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved..
  Articles - 2017
Bosso, A, Pirone, L, Gaglione, R, Pane, K, Del Gatto, A, Zaccaro, L, Di Gaetano, S, Diana, D, Fattorusso, R, Pedone, E, Cafaro, V, Haagsman, H P, van Dijk, A, Scheenstra, M R, Zanfardino, A, Crescenzi, O, Arciello, A, Varcamonti, M, Veldhuizen, E J A, Di Donato, A, Notomista, E & Pizzo, E (25.04.2017). A new cryptic host defense peptide identified in human 11-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase-1 β-like - from in silico identification to experimental evidence. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier B.V..
Bosso, Andrea, Pirone, L, Gaglione, Rosa, Pane, Katia, Del Gatto, A, Zaccaro, L, Di Gaetano, S, Diana, D, Fattorusso, R, Pedone, Elisa, Cafaro, Valeria, Haagsman, H. P., van Dijk, A., Scheenstra, M. R., Zanfardino, A, Crescenzi, O, Arciello, Angela, Varcamonti, M, Veldhuizen, E. J.A., Donato, Mariana A M, Notomista, Eugenio & Pizzo, Elio (26.04.2017). A new cryptic host defense peptide identified in human 11-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase-1 β-like: from in silico identification to experimental evidence. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - General Subjects, 1861 (9), (pp. 2342-2353) (12 p.).
Veldhuizen, Edwin J A, Scheenstra, Maaike R, Tjeerdsma-van Bokhoven, Johanna L M, Coorens, Maarten, Schneider, Viktoria A F, Bikker, Floris J, van Dijk, Albert & Haagsman, Henk P (28.04.2017). Antimicrobial and immunomodulatory activity of PMAP-23 derived peptides. Protein and Peptide Letters, 24 (7). Copyright© Bentham Science Publishers; For any queries, please email at epub@benthamscience.org..
Coorens, Maarten, Schneider, Viktoria A F, de Groot, A Marit, van Dijk, Albert, Meijerink, Marjolein, Wells, Jerry M, Scheenstra, Maaike R, Veldhuizen, Edwin J A & Haagsman, Henk P (15.08.2017). Cathelicidins Inhibit Escherichia coli-Induced TLR2 and TLR4 Activation in a Viability-Dependent Manner. Journal of Immunology, 199 (4), (pp. 1418-1428) (11 p.). Copyright © 2017 by The American Association of Immunologists, Inc..
Zhang, Weidong, Bouwman, Kim M, van Beurden, Steven J, Ordonez, Soledad R, van Eijk, Martin, Haagsman, Henk P, Verheije, M Hélène & Veldhuizen, Edwin J A (2017). Chicken mannose binding lectin has antiviral activity towards infectious bronchitis virus. Virology, 509, (pp. 252-259) (8 p.). Copyright © 2017 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved..
Zhang, Weidong, van Eijk, Martin, Guo, Hongbo, van Dijk, Albert, Bleijerveld, Onno B, Verheije, M Hélène, Wang, Guanbo, Haagsman, Henk P & Veldhuizen, Edwin J A (2017). Expression and characterization of recombinant chicken mannose binding lectin. Immunobiology, 222 (3), (pp. 518-528). Copyright © 2016 The Author(s). Published by Elsevier GmbH.. All rights reserved..
Schneider, Viktoria A F, Coorens, Maarten, Tjeerdsma-van Bokhoven, Johanna L M, Posthuma, George, van Dijk, Albert, Veldhuizen, Edwin J A & Haagsman, Henk P (07.11.2017). Imaging the Antistaphylococcal Activity of CATH-2 - Mechanism of Attack and Regulation of Inflammatory Response. mSphere, 2 (6) (14 p.).
Coorens, Maarten, Scheenstra, Maaike R, Veldhuizen, Edwin J A & Haagsman, Henk P (19.01.2017). Interspecies cathelicidin comparison reveals divergence in antimicrobial activity, TLR modulation, chemokine induction and regulation of phagocytosis. Scientific Reports, 7.
Coorens, Maarten, Banaschewski, Brandon J H, Baer, Brandon J, Yamashita, Cory M, van Dijk, Albert, Haagsman, Henk P, Veldhuizen, Ruud A W & Veldhuizen, Edwin J A (25.09.2017). Killing of Pseudomonas aeruginosa by chicken cathelicidin-2 is immunogenically silent, preventing lung inflammation in vivo. Infection and Immunity (17 p.). Copyright © 2017 Coorens et al..
Gaglione, Rosa, Dell'Olmo, Eliana, Bosso, Andrea, Chino, Marco, Pane, Katia, Ascione, Flora, Itri, Francesco, Caserta, Sergio, Amoresano, Angela, Lombardi, Angelina, Haagsman, Henk P, Piccoli, Renata, Pizzo, Elio, Veldhuizen, Edwin J A, Notomista, Eugenio & Arciello, Angela (25.01.2017). Novel human bioactive peptides identified in apolipoprotein B - evaluation of their therapeutic potential. Biochemical Pharmacology, 130, (pp. 34-50). Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier Inc..
Banaschewski, Brandon J H, Baer, Brandon, Arsenault, Christina, Jazey, Teah, Veldhuizen, Edwin J A, Delport, Johan, Gooyers, Tracey, Lewis, James F, Haagsman, Henk P, Veldhuizen, Ruud A W & Yamashita, Cory M (14.11.2017). The Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory Activity of Chicken Cathelicidin-2 combined with Exogenous Surfactant for the Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis-Associated Pathogens. Scientific Reports, 7 (1).
  Articles - 2016
Zhang, Weidong, Cuperus, Tryntsje, van Dijk, Albert, Skjødt, Karsten, Hansen, Søren, Haagsman, Henk P & Veldhuizen, Edwin J A (2016). Developmental regulation of chicken surfactant protein A and its localization in lung. Developmental and Comparative Immunology, 61, (pp. 80-87). Copyright © 2016. Published by Elsevier Ltd..
Schneider, Viktoria A F, Coorens, Maarten, Posthuma, George, van Dijk, Albert, Haagsman, Henk P & Veldhuizen, Edwin J A (14.09.2016). Imaging the antimicrobial mechanism(s) of cathelicidin-2. Scientific Reports, 6.
van Dijk, Albert, van Eldik, Mandy, Veldhuizen, Edwin J A, Tjeerdsma-van Bokhoven, Hanne L M, de Zoete, Marcel R, Bikker, Floris J & Haagsman, Henk P (05.02.2016). Immunomodulatory and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of Chicken Cathelicidin-2 Derived Peptides. PLoS One, 11 (2).
Bluhm, Martina E C, Schneider, Viktoria A F, Schäfer, Ingo, Piantavigna, Stefania, Goldbach, Tina, Knappe, Daniel, Seibel, Peter, Martin, Lisandra L, Veldhuizen, Edwin J A & Hoffmann, Ralf (2016). N-Terminal Ile-Orn- and Trp-Orn-Motif Repeats Enhance Membrane Interaction and Increase the Antimicrobial Activity of Apidaecins against Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 4 (39).
Schneider, Viktoria A F, van Dijk, Albert, van der Sar, Astrid M, Kraaij, Marina D, Veldhuizen, Edwin J A & Haagsman, Henk P (23.02.2016). Prophylactic administration of chicken cathelicidin-2 boosts zebrafish embryonic innate immunity. Developmental and Comparative Immunology, 60, (pp. 108-114). Copyright © 2016. Published by Elsevier Ltd..
Cuperus, Tryntsje, van Dijk, Albert, Matthijs, Mieke G R, Veldhuizen, Edwin J A & Haagsman, Henk P (2016). Protective effect of in ovo treatment with the chicken cathelicidin analog D-CATH-2 against avian pathogenic E. coli. Scientific Reports, 6.
  Articles - 2015
Banaschewski, Brandon J H, Veldhuizen, Edwin J A, Keating, Eleonora, Haagsman, Henk P, Zuo, Yi Y, Yamashita, Cory M & Veldhuizen, Ruud A W (2015). Antimicrobial and Biophysical Properties of Surfactant Supplemented with an Antimicrobial Peptide for Treatment of Bacterial Pneumonia. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 59 (6), (pp. 3075-3083). Copyright © 2015, American Society for Microbiology. All Rights Reserved..
Coorens, Maarten, van Dijk, Albert, Bikker, Floris, Veldhuizen, Edwin J A & Haagsman, Henk P (16.09.2015). Importance of Endosomal Cathelicidin Degradation To Enhance DNA-Induced Chicken Macrophage Activation. Journal of Immunology, 195 (8), (pp. 3970-3977) (8 p.). Copyright © 2015 by The American Association of Immunologists, Inc..
  Articles - 2014
Veldhuizen, Edwin J A, Schneider, Viktoria A F, Agustiandari, Herfita, Van Dijk, Albert, Tjeerdsma - van Bokhoven, J.L.M., Bikker, Floris J. & Haagsman, Henk P. (22.04.2014). Antimicrobial and immunomodulatory activities of PR-39 derived peptides. PLoS One, 9 (4).
Ordonez Alvarez, Soledad, Amarullah, Ilham H, Wubbolts, Richard W, Veldhuizen, Edwin J A & Haagsman, Henk P (2014). Fungicidal mechanisms of cathelicidins LL-37 and CATH-2 revealed by live-cell imaging. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 58 (4), (pp. 2240-2248) (9 p.).
Burt, Sara A, Ojo-Fakunle, Victoria T A, Woertman, Jenifer & Veldhuizen, Edwin J A (2014). The natural antimicrobial carvacrol inhibits quorum sensing in Chromobacterium violaceum and reduces bacterial biofilm formation at sub-lethal concentrations. PLoS One, 9 (4) (6 p.).
  Articles - 2013
Veldhuizen, E.J.A., Brouwer, E.C., Schneider, V.A.F. & Fluit, A.C. (2013). Chicken Cathelicidins Display Antimicrobial Activity against Multiresistant Bacteria without Inducing Strong Resistance. PLoS One, 8 (4), (pp. e61964) (1 p.).
Langeveld, W.T., Veldhuizen, E.J.A. & Burt, S.A. (2013). Positieve interacties tussen vluchtige oliën en antibiotica. Nederlands tijdschrift voor fytotherapie, 26 (3), (pp. 13-15) (3 p.).
  Articles - 2012
van Dijk, Albert, Herrebout, Maaike, Tersteeg-Zijderveld, Monique H G, Tjeerdsma-van Bokhoven, Johanna L M, Bleumink-Pluym, Nancy, Jansman, Alfons J M, Veldhuizen, Edwin J A & Haagsman, Henk P (07.12.2012). Campylobacter jejuni is highly susceptible to killing by chicken host defense peptide cathelicidin-2 and suppresses intestinal cathelicidin-2 expression in young broilers. Veterinary Microbiology, 160 (3-4), (pp. 347-354) (8 p.). Copyright © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved..
Inamuco, J., Veenendaal, A.K.J., Burt, S.A., Post, J.A., Tjeerdsma-van Bokhoven, J.L.M., Haagsman, H.P. & Veldhuizen, E.J.A. (2012). Sub-lethal levels of carvacrol reduce Salmonella Typhimurium motility and invasion of porcine epithelial cells. Veterinary Microbiology, 157 (1-2), (pp. 200-207) (8 p.).
  Articles - 2011
Molhoek, E.M., van Dijk, A., Veldhuizen, E.J.A., Haagsman, H.P. & Bikker, F.J. (2011). A cathelicidin-2-derived peptide effectively impairs Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilms. International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, 37, (pp. 476-479) (4 p.).
van Dijk, A., Molhoek, E.H., Bikker, F.J., Yu, P.L., Veldhuizen, E.J.A. & Haagsman, H.P. (2011). Avian cathelicidins: Paradigms for the development of anti-infectives. Veterinary Microbiology, 153, (pp. 27-36) (10 p.).
Chiang, S.C., Veldhuizen, E.J.A., Barnes, F.A., Craven, C.J., Haagsman, H.P. & Bingle, C.D. (2011). Identification and characterisation of the BPI/LBP/PLUNC-like gene repertoire in chickens reveals the absence of a LBP gene. Developmental and Comparative Immunology, 35, (pp. 285-295) (11 p.).
Molhoek, E.M., van Dijk, A., Veldhuizen, E.J.A., Haagsman, H.P. & Bikker, F.J. (2011). Improved proteolytic stability of chicken cathelicidin-2 derived peptides by d-amino acid substitutions and cyclization. Peptides, 32, (pp. 875-880) (6 p.).
Veldhuizen, E.J.A., van Eijk, M. & Haagsman, H.P. (2011). The carbohydrate recognition domain of collectins. The FEBS journal, 278, (pp. 3930-3941) (12 p.).
  Articles - 2010
Molhoek, E.M., van Dijk, A., Veldhuizen, E.J.A., Dijk-Knijnenburg, H., Mars-Groenendijk, R.H., Boele, L.C., Kaman-van Zanten, W.E., Haagsman, H.P. & Bikker, F.J. (2010). Chicken cathelicidin-2-derived peptides with enhanced immunomodulatory and antibacterial activities against biological warfare agents. International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, 36 (3), (pp. 271-274) (4 p.).
Orgeig, S., Hiemstra, P.S., Veldhuizen, E.J.A., Casals, C., Clark, H.W., Hackzu, A., Knudsen, L. & Possmayer, F. (2010). Recent advances in alveolar biology: Evolution and function of alveolar proteins. Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology, 173 (Suppl. 1), (pp. S43-S54) (12 p.).
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  Articles - 2009
van Damme, Catharina M M, Willemse, Ton, van Dijk, Albert, Haagsman, Henk P & Veldhuizen, Edwin J A (2009). Altered cutaneous expression of beta-defensins in dogs with atopic dermatitis. Molecular Immunology, 46 (13), (pp. 2449-55) (7 p.).
Damme, C.M.M., Willemse, T., van Dijk, A., Haagsman, H.P. & Veldhuizen, E.J.A. (2009). Altered cutaneous expression of -defensins in dogs with atopic dermatitis. Molecular Immunology, 46, (pp. 2449-2455) (7 p.).
van Dijk, A., Tersteeg-Zijderveld, H.G., Tjeerdsma-van Bokhoven, J.L.M., Jansman, A.J.M., Veldhuizen, E.J.A. & Haagsman, H.P. (2009). Chicken heterophils are recruited to the site of Salmonella infection and release antibacterial mature Cathelicidin-2 upon stimulation with LPS. Molecular Immunology, 46, (pp. 1517-1526) (10 p.).
van Dijk, A., Molhoek, E.M., Veldhuizen, E.J.A., Tjeerdsma - van Bokhoven, Hanne, Wagendorp, E., Bikker, F. & Haagsman, H.P. (2009). Identification of chicken cathelicidin-2 core elements involved in antibacterial and immunomodulatory activities. Molecular Immunology, 46, (pp. 2465-2473) (9 p.).
Wijnker, J.J., Tjeerdsma - van Bokhoven, J.L.M. & Veldhuizen, E.J.A. (2009). Phosphate analysis of natural sausage casings preserved in brines with phosphate additives as inactivating agent – Method validation. Meat Science, 81, (pp. 245-248) (4 p.).
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  Articles - 2008
van Dijk, A., Veldhuizen, E.J.A. & Haagsman, H.P. (2008). Avian defensins. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, 124, (pp. 1-18) (18 p.).
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  Articles - 2007
Burt, S.A., van der Zee, R., Koets, A.P., de Graaff, A.M., van Knapen, F., Gaastra, W., Haagsman, H.P. & Veldhuizen, E.J.A. (2007). Carvacrol induces heat shock protein 60 and inhibits synthesis of flagellin in Escherichia coli O157:H7. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 73 (14), (pp. 4484-4490) (7 p.).
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Burt, S.A., Fledderman, M.J., Haagsman, H.P., van Knapen, F. & Veldhuizen, E.J.A. (2007). Inhibition of salmonella enterica serotype enteriditis on agar and raw chicken by carvacrol vapour. International Journal of Food Microbiology, 119 (3), (pp. 346-350) (5 p.).
Veldhuizen, E.J.A., Creutzberg, T.O., Burt, S.A. & Haagsman, H.P. (2007). Low temperature and binding to food components inhibit the antibacterial activity of carvacrol against Listeria monocytogenes in steak tartare. Journal of Food Protection, 70 (9), (pp. 2127-2132) (6 p.).
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  Articles - 2006
Hogenkamp, A., van Eijk, M., van Dijk, A., van Asten, A.J., Veldhuizen, E.J.A. & Haagsman, H.P. (2006). Characterization and expression sites of newly identified chicken collectins. Molecular Immunology, 43 (10), (pp. 1604-1606) (13 p.).
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Veldhuizen, E.J.A., Tjeerdsma - van Bokhoven, J.L.M., Zweijtzer, C., Burt, S.A. & Haagsman, H.P. (2006). Structural requirements for the antimicrobial activity of carvacrol. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 54 (5), (pp. 1874-1879) (6 p.).
  Articles - 2005
van Dijk, A., Veldhuizen, E.J.A., van Asten, A.J.A.M. & Haagsman, H.P. (2005). CMAP27, a novel chicken cathelicidin-like antimicrobial protein. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, 106, (pp. 321-327) (7 p.).
Burt, S.A., Vlielander, R., Haagsman, H.P. & Veldhuizen, E.J.A. (2005). Increase in activity of essential oil components carvacrol and thymol against escherichia coli 0157:H7 by addition of food stabilizers. Journal of Food Protection, 68 (5), (pp. 919-926) (8 p.).
Veldhuizen, E.J.A., Vaillancourt, F.H., Whiting, C.J., -Y. Hsiao, M.M., Gingras, G., Xiao, Y., Tanguay, R.M., Boukouvalas, J. & Eltis, L.D. (2005). Steady-state kinetics and inhibition of anaerobically purified human homogentisate 1,2-dioxygenase. Biochemical Journal, 386, (pp. 305-314) (10 p.). (Printed in Great Britain) 2005 Biochemical Society.
  Articles - 2001
Veldhuizen, E.J.A., Diemel, R.V., Putz, G., van Golde, L.M.G., Batenburg, J.J. & Haagsman, H.P. (2001). Effect of the hydropholic surfactant proteins on the surface activity of spread films in captive bubble surfactometer. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids, 110, (pp. 47-55) (9 p.).
  Articles - 2000
Veldhuizen, E.J.A., Waring, A.J., Walther, F.J., Batenburg, J.J., van Golde, L.M.G. & Haagsman, H.P. (2000). Dimeric N-terminal segment of human surfactant protein B (dSP-B1-25) has enhanced surface properties compared to monomeric SP- B1-25. Biophysical Journal, 79, (pp. 377-384) (8 p.).
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  Articles - 1999
Veldhuizen, E J, Batenburg, J J, Vandenbussche, G, Putz, G, van Golde, L M & Haagsman, H P (12.01.1999). Production of surfactant protein C in the baculovirus expression system - the information required for correct folding and palmitoylation of SP-C is contained within the mature sequence. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1416 (1-2), (pp. 295-308) (14 p.).
  Articles - 1998
Nilsson, G, Gustafsson, M, Vandenbussche, G, Veldhuizen, E, Griffiths, W J, Sjövall, J, Haagsman, H P, Ruysschaert, J M, Robertson, B, Curstedt, T & Johansson, J (01.07.1998). Synthetic peptide-containing surfactants--evaluation of transmembrane versus amphipathic helices and surfactant protein C poly-valyl to poly-leucyl substitution. Biochemistry International, 255 (1), (pp. 116-24) (9 p.).
  Articles - 1993
Lugtigheid, R B, Nicolaes, G A, Veldhuizen, E J, Slotboom, A J, Verheij, H M & De Haas, G H (01.09.1993). Acylation of porcine pancreatic phospholipase A2 influences penetration and substrate head-group binding, depending on the position of the acylated lysine in the enzyme molecule. Biochemistry International, 216 (2), (pp. 519-25) (7 p.).
  Reports - 2010
Veldhuizen, E.J.A. (2010). Pilot study to determine the antibacterial and immunomodulatory effect of chicken cathelicidin 2 in the chicken crop upon Salmonella Enteritidis infection. Schothorst Feed Research.
  Patents - 2015
Haagsman, H.P., van Dijk, A. & Veldhuizen, E.J.A. (12.11.2015). New CATH-2 derivatives.
  Patents - 2014
Haagsman, Henk, van Dijk, Albert & Veldhuizen, Edwin (09.05.2014). New CATH-2 derivatives.
  Patents - 2012
Bikker, F.J., van Dijk, Albert, Mars-Groenendijk, R., Veldhuizen, Edwin, van der Kleij, D., Haagsman, Henk & Molhoek, E.M. (19.04.2012). Antimicrobial peptides based on CMAP27.
  Patents - 2010
Veldhuizen, E.J.A. (19.08.2010). New antimicrobial peptides based on CMAP27 in samenwerking met TNO Rijswijk.
  Lectures - 2014
E.J.A. Veldhuizen (14.05.2014) ALTANT conference "Innate host defence mechanisms in infections"
E.J.A. Veldhuizen (29.09.2014) In ovo administration of the chicken cathelicidin peptide analog DCATH-2 protects against bacterial infection in young broilers
E.J.A. Veldhuizen (05.11.2014) presentation: Antibacterial Mode of Action of Chicken Cathelicidin 2
  Lectures - 2013
E.J.A. Veldhuizen (21.10.2013) Antibacterial mode of action of chicken Cathelicidin-2
E.J.A. Veldhuizen (17.04.2013) Chicken cathelicidins display antimirobial activity against muliresistant bacteria without inducin strong resistance
E.J.A. Veldhuizen (15.02.2013) Human and chicken cathelicidins have different mechanisms of action to kill candida albicans
E.J.A. Veldhuizen (19.02.2013) Potential of host defence peptides as alternatives to antibiotics
E.J.A. Veldhuizen (04.09.2013) Sub-lethal concentrations of carvacrol (from oregano) inhibit bacterial quorum sensing and formation of biofilms
  Lectures - 2012
E.J.A. Veldhuizen (30.08.2012) Candidacidal activity of chicken cathelicidin 2
  Lectures - 2009
E.J.A. Veldhuizen (09.08.2009) The role of avian collectins in host defence
  Lectures - 2008
E.J.A. Veldhuizen (15.07.2008) Chicken lectins and influenza A virus
  Lectures - 2006
E.J.A. Veldhuizen (23.11.2006) Antimicrobial activity of porcine beta defensin 2 against pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointstinal tract
E.J.A. Veldhuizen (12.04.2006) Porcine defensin 2 is upregulated by Salmonella typhimurium in the intestinal cell line IPI-2I
  Doctoral thesis 1 (Research UU / Graduation UU) - 2000
Veldhuizen, E.J.A. (14.06.2000). Surface activity of pulmonary surfactant proteins.
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