Ms. Cong-rui Qiao LLM
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QIAO (Cong-rui) is a PhD researcher in the field of institutional transitions and citizen actions at the Utrecht School of Law. Trained as an interdisciplinary researcher, she brings institutional theories and automated methods in the study of public governance, dispute resolution and conflict management.

Focusing on State transitions vis-à-vis citizen actions

Qiao Cong-rui works on both methodological and theoretical innovations in the field of dispute resolution and conflict management. In the past six years, she has been investigating intra-institutional (e.g. between rule makers and rule implementers) and inter-institutional (e.g. between administrative and political mandates) cooperation, and how such cooperation is represented at a broader scale (i.e. discursive archetypes). Her PhD dissertation examines massive news data (over 13 million Chinese characters) on mass actions challenging public policies and bureaucracies, and explains the grand transformation at the institutional and conceptual levels in post-reform China.

Bringing research findings to a broad audience

Qiao Cong-rui strongly supports the university’s internationalisation and interdisciplinarity. She has been publishing her findings at international journals and representing her work at various international conferences. Her most recent journal publications include “Jurisprudent Shift in China: A Functional Interpretation”, and “On Discrepancy and Synergy between China and the International Criminal Court”. She frequently presented her work at the series of ‘Cross Cultural Human Rights Seminar’ in China (2013-2017), the 2016 annual conference of the Asian Association of Law and Economics in South Korea, and the 2017 annual conference of the Asian Law Institute in the Philippines. 

Combining scientific with practical work

Qiao Cong-rui values the wide contact with public sectors and practitioners from various regions. She is an active contributor to training and collaborative  programs home and abroad, that draws on her expertise in the complexities of institutional and conceptual shifts. Most recently, she was invited to take part in a Sino-Dutch pilot project on the best practices of expert witness for preventing and rectifying wrongful convictions.

Born and raised in an ethnically diverse region in North China, Qiao Cong-rui enjoys meeting and exchanging thoughts with people from different backgrounds, and exploring and experiencing various types of lifestyle. She lived in Yulin, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dublin, Berlin and Utrecht. She now works and lives in Utrecht. 

Corpus-based discourse analysis
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All publications
  2017 - Articles
Qiao, C. (10.05.2017). Discrepancy and Synergy between China and the International Criminal Court. Cambridge Journal of China Studies, 11 (4), (pp. 1-24).
Qiao, C. (27.04.2017). Jurisprudent Shift in China - A Functional Interpretation. The Asian Journal of Economics and Law, 8 (1).
  2017 - Websites / portals
  2016 - Reports
  2016 - Websites / portals
  2016 - Lectures
C. Qiao (29.09.2016) EU-China Seminar on Human Rights Protection of Ethnic Minorities
C. Qiao (17.09.2016) Presentation of paper 'Collective Action in China’s Transforming Context: A Discourse Inquiry'
  2014 - Articles
Zwart, Tom, ,, ,, ,, Roestenburg - Morgan, Ingrid, Links, Stacey, Qiao, Congrui, Prudon, Henrike, Odhiambo, Michael & Fraser, Julie (2014). Safeguarding the universal acceptance of human rights through the receptor approach. Human Rights Quarterly, 36 (4), (pp. 899 -905) (6 p.).
  2014 - Websites / portals
Qiao, C. & Zwart, T. (17.11.2014). Commentary on the Fourth Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.
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Additional functions and activities

* Representative of Faculty of Law, Economics & Governance to PrOUT (Promovendi Overleg Utrecht), an official organization whose main aim is to represent the interests of PhD candidates to the university, and to influence decision-making concerning PhDs.

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* Representative of Utrecht University to the Graduate Committee of the School of Human Rights Research.


* Representative of the PhD Council of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance who represent all PhD candidates within the three Schools /departments.

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Ms. C. Qiao LLM Contact details

Newtonlaan 201
Room 3A.50
The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 8034
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