Prof. dr. Chantal Kemner

Martinus J. Langeveldgebouw
Heidelberglaan 1
Kamer H.068
3584 CS Utrecht

Prof. dr. Chantal Kemner

Experimental Psychology
+31 30 253 7907

“It's amazing how much we don't know about child development. But very little research concerns all aspects of development during the entire youth. And to understand how people become who they are, you need the big picture."

Chantal Kemner is professor of Biological Developmental Psychology, in particular developmental psychopathology and principal investigator of YOUth, a large-scale Utrecht study that follows children in their development. In addition, Chantal is scientific director and main applicant of the Consortium Individual Development (CID). The (CID) consists of a group of Dutch top researchers who received the prestigious Gravitation grant (of almost 28M euros) from NWO in 2012. The goal: better understand why there are differences between children in their development. Everyone wants children to grow up happy and healthy. Often that goes well, but sometimes problems arise. Every child develops differently, and we investigate why.

Biological Developmental Psychology
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