Prof. dr. A.S. (Anna) Akhmanova

Hugo R. Kruytgebouw
Padualaan 8
Kamer O503
3584 CH Utrecht

Prof. dr. A.S. (Anna) Akhmanova

Cell Biology
+31 30 253 2328

My group studies cytoskeletal organisation and trafficking processes, which contribute to cell polarisation, differentiation, vertebrate development and human disease. We are interested in understanding, at a systems level, in how different aspects of cell architecture are coordinated.

The main focus of our studies is the microtubule cytoskeleton. Our research relies on combining high-resolution live cell imaging and quantitative analysis of cytoskeletal dynamics, measurement of protein dynamics using advanced microscopic assays, in vitro reconstitution of dynamic cytoskeleton-based processes and different methods of identification of protein-protein interactions, such as mass spectrometry. In addition to cultured cells, we employ mouse knockout technologies and couple  genetic modification (such as GFP knock-in technology) to live cell and  tissue imaging. In collaboration with mathematicians we are working on development of automated analysis and modelling of cytoskeletal dynamics and vesicle transport.

Microtubule-based processes are essential for cell division, normal functioning of large cells such as neurons and for intracellular transport of pathogens; therefore, our studies are relevant for combating abnormal cell proliferation, neurodegeneration and infectious diseases.

  • Member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)
  • Member the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)
  • NWO Spinoza Prize 2018
  • ERC Synergy grant 2013 (together with Dr. Marileen Dogterom, TU Delft)
  • ALW Vernieuwingsimpuls VICI 2007 
  • NWO Vernieuwingsimpuls VIDI 2001

Cell Biology
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