Prof. Dr. Anna Gerbrandy is professor of Competition Law at the Europa Institute of Utrecht University School of Law, the Netherlands.  Anna is member of the Research Group Renforce, member of the research area Institutions for Open Societies, and co-leader of the focus area Governing the Digital Society.  Together with colleagues Rutger Claassen and Judith van Erp she founded the platform Markets and Corporations in Open Societies, which is part of the Institutions' research focus.

After graduating Anna worked as European Law advocate at one of the leading law firms of the Netherlands and as senior law clerk for the competition law chamber of the district court of Rotterdam before returning to academia.

In 2009 she defended her cum laude-dissertation on “Convergence in Competition Law”.  Anna’s current research focus lies on foundations of competition law and more specifically the power of Big Tech companies, their influence on markets and democracy, and competition law's answer.  In the summer of 2019 she received an ERC grant to do research on this topic.  Anna has also developed a research line on the interplay between competition law and public interests and more generally sustainability and competition law. 

Anna's institutional responsibilities cover both research and education.  Currently Anna fulfills the position of research director for the department of Law.  She also has extensive lecturing experience in both the Netherlands and abroad.  Furthermore, Anna holds several positions of trust in societal organizations.  She is a Non-Governmental Advisor at the Dutch Competition Authority (ACM) and is Crown Member of the Social and Economic Council.

Competition Law
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