My phd project is ‘Performing History: reenactments, Gender and Popular Culture in Contemporary China. My research mainly focuses on the popularity of historical reenactments and the heritage of traditional China among young urban Chinese women. I explore how women experience the past by joining history/heritage-related activities and how they interpret "the time of Chinese women." Also, how do these activities become a vehicle of multilayered subjectivity among women? It is an interdisciplinary project with different case studies, which involve costume dramas, traditional rituals, photography, and dance choreography. I use the qualitative methods of visual analysis, participatory ethnography, and interviews. I also refer to the feminist theories of embodiment, affect, history/heritage studies, and queer temporality. 

I graduated from the research master’s program Gender and Ethnicity at Utrecht University. My master's thesis focuses on public media, nationalism, and gender. 

Before coming to The Netherlands, I also studied in field of journalism and political communication.