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  2018 - Scholarly publications
Hodgson, D.M., Brooks, H.L., Ortiz-Karpf, A., Spychala, Y., Lee, D.R. & Jackson, Christopher A L (28.03.2018). Entrainment and abrasion of megaclasts during submarine landsliding and their impact on flow behaviour. In D.G. Lintern, D.C. Mosher, L.G. Moscardelli, P.T. Bobrowsky, C. Campbell, J.D. Chaytor, J.J. Clague, A. Georgiopoulou, P. Lajeunesse, A. Normandeau, D.J.W. Piper, M. Scherwath, C. Stacey & D. Turmel (Eds.), Subaqueous Mass Movements and Their Consequences - Assessing Geohazards, Environmental Implications and Economic Significance of Subaqueous Landslides (18 p.). London: Geological Society.
  2017 - Scholarly publications
Kane, Ian A., Ponten, Anna, Vangdal, Brita, Eggenhuisen, Joris, Hodgson, David M. & Spychala, Yvonne T. (2017). The stratigraphic record and processes of turbidity current transformation across deep-marine lobes. Sedimentology, 64 (5), (pp. 1236-1273).
Spychala, Y.T., Hodgson, D.M. & Lee, D.R. (2017). Autogenic controls on hybrid bed distribution in submarine lobe complexes. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 88, (pp. 1078-1093).
Spychala, Yvonne T., Hodgson, David M., Prélat, Amandine, Kane, Ian A., Flint, Stephen S. & Mountney, Nigel P. (01.01.2017). Frontal and Lateral Submarine Lobe Fringes: Comparing Sedimentary Facies, Architecture and Flow Processes. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 87 (1), (pp. 75-96).
Spychala, Yvonne T., Hodgson, David M., Stevenson, Christopher J. & Flint, Stephen S. (2017). Aggradational lobe fringes - The influence of subtle intrabasinal seabed topography on sediment gravity flow processes and lobe stacking patterns. Sedimentology, 64 (2), (pp. 582-608) (27 p.).
  2016 - Scholarly publications
Spychala, Y.T. (13.10.2016) Invited speaker Sedimentologische Kring Talk on: On the interplay of muddy substrate with turbidity currents and their deposits in deep-marine settings -Sedimentologische Kring AGM
  2016 - Professional publications
Eggenhuisen, J.T., de Leeuw, J., Pohl, F., Spychala, Y.T., Tilston, M.C., Heijnen, M., van der Grind, G. & Cartigny, M.J.B. (2016). Eurotank Studies of Experimental Deepwater Sedimentology (EuroSEDS): Year 2 report. (217 p.). UU Dept. of Earth Sciences.
  2015 - Scholarly publications
Spikings, Allan L., Hodgson, David M., Paton, Douglas A. & Spychala, Yvonne T. (01.11.2015). Palinspastic restoration of an exhumed deepwater system - A workflow to improve paleogeographic reconstructions. Interpretation, 3 (4), (pp. SAA71-SAA87).
Spychala, Y. T., Hodgson, D. M., Flint, S. S. & Mountney, N. P. (01.06.2015). Constraining the sedimentology and stratigraphy of submarine intraslope lobe deposits using exhumed examples from the Karoo Basin, South Africa. Sedimentary Geology, 322, (pp. 67-81) (15 p.).
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