dr. Yvette Baggen
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Yvette Baggen is a postdoc at the department of Education, Utrecht University. Her research is directed towards learning in organisations, entrepreneurial processes in businesses and independent entrepreneurship, and opportunity identification.

Yvette obtained the master’s degree Educational Design and Consultancy at Utrecht University cum laude. In 2012, Yvette started her career as an educational consultant and trainer at ICLON, Leiden University. Her work for ICLON was directed towards consultancy and training activities related to (for instance) blended learning and assessment for teachers, management teams, and administrators in higher education institutions. Next, in 2013, she started her PhD trajectory, which was part of the European funded LLLight’in’Europe research project, at Wageningen University & Research at the Education and Competence Studies group. In her dissertation titled "Opportunity identification competence. Explaining individual and exploring team oppportunity identification by employees", she investigated how individual employees and teams identify potential oppotunities in a business setting, and what factors help them in doing so. Furthermore, she developed and tested a performance assessment for measuring opportunity identification competence.

Involved in the following study programme(s)
Scientific expertise
corporate entrepreneurship
opportunity identification
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All publications
  Articles - Scholarly publications
Baggen, Y., Mainert, Jakob, Kretzschmar, André, Lans, Thomas, Biemans, Harm J A, Niepel, Christoph & Greiff, Samuel (2017). Complex problems in entrepreneurship education: Examining complex problem-solving in the application of opportunity identification. Education Research International, 2017 (13 p.).
Baggen, Y., Kampen, Jarl, Naia, Ana, Biemans, Harm J A, Lans, Thomas & Mulder, Martin (2017). Development and application of the opportunity identification competence assessment test (OICAT) in higher education. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, (pp. 1-11) (11 p.).
Baggen, Y., Lans, Thomas, Biemans, Harm, Kampen, Jarl & Mulder, Martin (2016). Fostering Entrepreneurial Learning On-the-Job: evidence from innovative small and medium-sized companies in Europe. European Journal of Education, 51 (2), (pp. 193-209) (17 p.).
Baggen, Y., Mainert, Jakob, Lans, Thomas, Biemans, Harm, Greiff, Samuel & Mulder, Martin (28.09.2015). Linking complex problem solving to opportunity identification competence within the context of entrepreneurship. International Journal of Lifelong Education, 34 (4), (pp. 412-429) (18 p.).
  Reports - Professional publications
Baggen, Y., Biemans, Harm J A & Lans, Thomas (2015). Realizing employee-driven entrepreneurship and innovativeness in enterprises. European Union.
  Workshop, seminar, course - Scholarly publications
Baggen, Y. (2017) Organiser Round table meeting on future learning challenges (13.09.2017) Round table of Global Knowledge on future learning challenges with strategic partners of Global Knowledge. They invited my from the university to bring expertise on education and learning in organisations.
  Invited talk - Scholarly publications
Baggen, Y. (04.05.2017) Invited speaker Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Organizational and Social Capital as a Key for Future Success Tallinn (04.05.2017) Keynote: Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Organizational and Social Capital as a Key for Future Success
  Oral presentation - Scholarly publications
Baggen, Y. (2017) Speaker Scientific community on Learning strategies in social and informal learning contexts (22.11.2017) Exploring opportunity identification by applying a social network approach
Baggen, Y. (2016) Invited speaker International Human Resource Management Conference (14.06.2016) Fostering entrepreneurial learning on-the-job: Evidence from innovative SMEs in Europe
Baggen, Y. (2016) Invited speaker Onderwijs Research Dagen (27.05.2016) Ondernemerschap in het MKB. Hoe individuele werknemers en teams kansen identificeren.
Baggen, Y. (2016) Invited speaker Competence conference (19.10.2016) Towards an opportunity identification assessment test for students in higher education
Baggen, Y. (2015) Invited speaker European Seminar on Extension and Education (22.06.2016) Application and validity of the opportunity identification competence assessment test (OICAT).
Baggen, Y. (2015) Invited speaker Onderwijs Research Dagen (25.06.2015) De ontwikkeling en toepassing van de “opportunity identification competence assessment test”.
Baggen, Y. (2015) Invited speaker European Conference of Educational Research (17.09.2015) Towards an opportunity identification competence assessment test (OICAT) for students in higher education
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