Prof. dr. Wim Turkenburg

Emeritus Professor
Energy, Resources & Technological Change

In our research we investigate possibilities for scientific knowledge and technology to contribute to sustainable development of our society. In this research we focus on ‘energy and the environment’, taking into account issues like land use changes and impacts on biodiversity, and how to deal with risks and uncertainties.

Main research activities are:

  • system analysis, 
  • technology assessment, 
  • policy studies. 

Subjects investigated include:

Energy and climate change, energy and economy, energy for sustainable development, energy and material efficiency improvement, renewable energy technology development (biomass energy, solar-PV and wind energy), biomass energy, land use and biodiversity, capture and storage of CO2 (CCS), nuclear energy, risk management, uncertainty analysis, energy modeling, energy policy analysis, energy system innovation studies.

Science, Technology and Society