Vera Bouwman

Martinus J. Langeveldgebouw
Heidelberglaan 1
Kamer H1.29
3584 CS Utrecht

Vera Bouwman is a PhD candidate at the department of Clinical Psychology since September 2020. Her research is focused on implementing experimental approaches to predict anxiety-related treatment response. Based on dynamical system models, dynamic early warning signals can be identified to indicate individual readiness for change. The aim is to understand why and when change is most likely and translate this to clinical practice. This project is funded by a NWO VIDI grant awarded to dr. Elske Salemink ‘Time for change. Sensitivity to experimental perturbations as a predictor of anxiety improvement in treatment’. Vera Bouwman is supervised by dr. Elske Salemink and prof. dr. Iris Engelhard.

Vera obtained her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology (2016) and Research Master’s degree in Social and Health Psychology cum laude (2018) at Utrecht University. Hereafter, Vera worked as a research assistant (2018-2019) in the Experimental Psychopathology lab (UU) and her work was part of a NWO VICI grant awarded to prof. dr. Iris Engelhard.