Dr. Urszula Jaremba LLM, MA
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Urszula Jaremba is an assistant professor in EU law at the Europa Instituut and has been working at the department of EU law since February 2015.

Urszula Jaremba studied international relations and European Studies at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland and European and international law in Tilburg. In October 2012 she defended her Phd at the Erasmus University Rotterdam where she also worked as an assistant professor in EU law. Her doctoral dissertation concerned the functioning of national courts as decentralized courts of the EU.

Currently she is involved in teaching various Bachelor and Master courses in international and EU law and supervising master theses. Next to that, she also conducts research in the area of the application of EU law in Member States of the EU, judicial protection in the EU and the EU internal market. In her research she tries to employ various socio-legal methods in order to illustrate how the law works in practice.


Her research interests encompass the following issues: the law of the internal market, direct and indirect taxation in the EU, free movement of capital, judicial protection in the EU, the functioning of the Court of Justice of the European Union, enforcement of EU competition law, socio-legal studies and methodology, gender studies and legal consciousness.  

Scientific expertise
Law of the European Union
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All publications
  2016 - Articles
Jaremba, U. (2016). How Poland has become the new enfant terrible of the European Union. Tijdschrift voor Constitutioneel Recht, 7, (pp. 262-274).
Jaremba, U. & Mayoral , Juan (2016). Perspectives on Europeanization of National Judiciaries: Old and New Questions. iCourts Working Paper Series, 59, (pp. 1-31) (31 p.).
  2016 - Book parts / chapters
Jaremba, U. (2016). Polish civil judiciary vis-a-vis the preliminary ruling procedure: in search of a mid-range theory. In Bruno de Witte , Juan Mayoral, Urszula Jaremba, Marlene Wind & Karolina Podstawa (Eds.), National Courts and EU Law. - New Issues, Theories and Methods. (pp. 49-67). Cheltenham, UK- Northampton, USA: Edward Elgar Publishing.
Jaremba, U. (2016). The Role of National Courts in the Process of Legal Integration in the European Union: Retrospective and Prospective. In Flora Goudappel & Ernst M.H. Hirsch Ballin (Eds.), Democracy and Rule of Law in the European Union - Essays in Honour of Jaap W. de Zwaan (pp. 49-62). The Hague : T.M.C. Asser Press/Springer.
  2016 - Book editorship
Jaremba, U., de Witte , Bruno, Mayoral , Juan, Wind , Marlene & Podstawa , Karolina (2016). National Courts and EU Law - New Issues, Theories and Methods . (269 p.). Cheltenham - Northampton : Edward Elgar Publishing.
  2015 - Articles
Jaremba, U., Nowak, Tobias & Mayoral , Juan (2015). Europarecht und nationale Richter: Wie Richter ihr Wissen erwerben. Rista. Richter und Staatsanwalt in NRW, 4 (2015), (pp. 21-23) (3 p.).
  2015 - Websites / portals
Jaremba, U., Nowak, Tobias & Mayoral , Juan (18.06.2015). Why more needs to be done to improve national judges’ knowledge of EU law.
  2014 - Articles
Jaremba, Urszula & Shahid, Masuma (01.11.2014). De samenloop van het kapitaalverkeer en de vrijheid van vestiging: een duidelijke afbakening tussen de vrijheden op het gebied van de fiscale behandeling van dividenden?. SEW, tijdschrift voor Europees en economisch recht, 11 (62), (pp. 502-511).
Jaremba, Urszula & Mak, Elaine (2014). Interviewing Judges in the Transnational Context. Recht en methode in onderzoek en onderwijs, 2014 (2) (15 p.).
  2014 - Books
Jaremba, U. (2014). National judges as EU law judges: the Polish civil law system. (421 p.). Leiden Boston : Martinus Nijhoff.
  2013 - Articles
  2012 - Book parts / chapters
Jaremba, U. & Nowak, Tobias (2012). The role of EU legal education and training in the functioning of national courts as decentralized EU courts. An empirical investigation into the Polish and German Judiciary. In Valentino Cattelan (Eds.), Integration through legal education. The role of EU legal studies in shaping the EU (pp. 111-146). Bologna: il Mulino.
  2012 - Articles in volumes / proceedings
Jaremba, U., Mayoral , Juan & Nowak, Tobias (2012). Generation Effects on the Approach of National Judges to EU Law: Myth or Reality. National Courts vis-à-vis EU Law: New Issues, Theories and Methods
Jaremba, U. (2012). Polish civil judiciary vis-à-vis the preliminary ruling procedure. In search for mid-range theories. National Courts vis-à-vis EU Law: New Issues, Theories and Methods
  2012 - Lectures
  2012 - Other output
Jaremba, U. (2012). Polish civil judges as European Union law judges: knowledge, experiences and attitudes - PhD Thesis. (436 p.).
  2010 - Articles
  0 - Lectures
U. Jaremba () Methodology and application of active teaching methods in teaching EU law, implications of empirical findings
U. Jaremba () Presenting a paper titled 'Tracking the Judicial Interaction in the European Union. On to a New Explanation of National Judicial Behaviour in the Process of Legal Integration in the European Union'
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Additional functions and activities

Expert for the European Commission 

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