Dr. Tim van Timmeren

Assistant Professor
Social, Health and Organisational Psychology

Tim van Timmeren is Assistant Professor at the Social, Health and Organisational Psychology department, Utrecht University. In his research he aims to understand the (neural) mechanisms underlying habits and their contribution to addictive behaviors. His research focuses on translating basic animal findings to clinically applied human research and back, mainly rooted in associative learning theory. To that end, he combines experimental paradigms with advanced neuroimaging methods. More recently, he started doing more applied research, using the smartphone as a tool to measure and manipulate habitual behaviors. 


He received his master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience from the Donders Institute (Radboud University) and his PhD from the Psychiatry department at Amsterdam UMC (AMC/UvA). After several years as post-doctoral researcher in Sanne de Wit’s Habit Lab (Univesity of Amsterdam), he joined UU in 2022.