Thomas Sweijen
PhD Candidate
Earth Sciences - Hydrogeology
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Strategic themes / Focus areas
Scientific expertise
Grain-scale modelling: Discrete Element Method
Pore-scale modelling of two-phase flow
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All publications
  2017 - Scholarly publications
Sweijen, T., Chareyre, B., Hassanizadeh, S.M. & Karadimitriou, N.K. (2017). Grain-scale modelling of swelling granular materials; application to super absorbent polymers. Powder Technology, 318, (pp. 411-422) (12 p.).
Sweijen, T., Hassanizadeh, S.M., Aslannejad, H. & Leszczynski, S (09.07.2017). Grain-Scale Modelling of Swelling Granular Materials Using the Discrete Element Method and the Multi-Sphere Approximation. Poromechanics VI - Proceedings of the Sixth Biot Conference on Poromechanics (pp. 329-336). ASCE, American Society of Civil Engineers.
Sweijen, T., van Duijn, C.J. & Hassanizadeh, S.M. (23.11.2017). A model for diffusion of water into a swelling particle with a free boundary: Application to a super absorbent polymer particle. Chemical Engineering Science, 172, (pp. 407-413).
Sweijen, Thomas, Aslannejad, Hamed & Hassanizadeh, S. Majid (01.09.2017). Capillary pressure–saturation relationships for porous granular materials - Pore morphology method vs. pore unit assembly method. Advances in Water Resources, 107, (pp. 22-31) (10 p.).
  2016 - Scholarly publications
Mahmoodlu, Mojtaba Ghareh, Raoof, A., Sweijen, T. & van Genuchten, M. Th (11.08.2016). Effects of sand compaction and mixing on pore structure and the unsaturated soil hydraulic properties. Vadose Zone Journal, 15 (8) (11 p.).
Nikooee, E., Sweijen, T. & Hassanizadeh, S. Majid (12.09.2016). Determination of the relationship among capillary pressure, saturation and interfacial area - A pore unit assembly approach. E3S Web of Conferences, 9.
Sweijen, T., Nikooee, E., Hassanizadeh, S.M. & Chareyre, B. (2016). The Effects of Swelling and Porosity Change on Capillarity: DEM Coupled with a Pore-Unit Assembly Method. Transport in Porous Media, 113 (1), (pp. 207-226).
  2015 - Scholarly publications
Huyghe, J. M., Nikooee, E., Sweijen, T. & Hassanizadeh, S. Majid (01.04.2015). Two sides of a coin - A critical review, and mathematical and phenomenological study of what we call hydromechanical coupling. COUPLED PROBLEMS 2015 - Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Coupled Problems in Science and Engineering (pp. 106-115) (10 p.). International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering.
  2014 - Scholarly publications
Sweijen, T., Hartog, Niels, Marsman, A. & Keijzer, T.J.S. (2014). The transport behaviour of elemental mercury DNAPL in saturated porous media: Analysis of field observations and two-phase flow modelling. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 161, (pp. 24-34) (11 p.).
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Grain-scale simulations of swelling granular materials

Swelling of porous media is an important mechanism in numerous biological processes and industrial products, such as biological tissues, fuel cells, and super absorbent polymers in hygienic products. To increase the understanding of swelling porous media, we are coupling deformation of grains with the transport of pore fluid.

We consider a porous media consisting of Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP). SAP particles are known for their large absorption capacities, ranging from 30 to 1000x its own dry mass, depending on solution chemistry. The conceptual grain-scale model includes swelling of SAP particles, deformation based on solid-solid interactions, and the inclusion of fluid flow. Numerically, this is done using a model based on Discrete Element Method (DEM) coupled with saturated fluid flow to simulate large deformations of porous media formed by SAP grains. Input parameters determined from experiments on a single grain are used in grain-scale simulations of swelling SAP grains. To verify simulations, results are compared to macro-scale experiments.


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