Trineke Palm is working as a post-doctoral reseacher at the NWO project “Blueprints of Hope: designing post-War Europe” led by professor Beatrice de Graaf. In this research project she aims to explain (changes in) the character of the EU as the outcome of a complex battle of ideas among different transnational networks.  

Prior to her appointment in Utrecht, Trineke did her PhD-research, funded by a Research Talent Grant from NWO, at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In her PhD-research she analyzed the EU’s military operations to reflect upon the evolving character of the EU as an international power after the end of the Cold War. She also wrote on the introduction of women’s suffrage.


Strategic themes / Focus areas
Scientific expertise
European integration past & present
European Security and Defence Policy
Politics of the European Union
Normative Power Europe
Advocacy coalitions
Women's suffrage
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All publications
  2018 - Other output
  2017 - Scholarly publications
Palm, T.P. (12.01.2017). The changing character of EUFOR Althea: power politics or learning?. Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 30 (1), (pp. 67-86).
  2017 - Professional publications
Palm, T.P. & Luitwieler, Sander (2017). Publieke gerechtigheid in internationaal perspectief. Soφie, magazine van Stichting Christelijke Filosofie, 7 (3), (pp. 48-51) (4 p.).
  2017 - Popularising publications
Palm, T.P. (2017). Hoe waardengedreven is de veiligheidspolitiek van de EU?. Vredeskrant, speciale uitgave van PAX Magazine (3), (pp. 10) (1 p.).
  2017 - Other output
Palm, T.P. (10.01.2017). Bosnia after Brexit. Causes for Concern?.
  2016 - Professional publications
Palm, T.P. (2016). Consequenties van een Brexit voor het Europees veiligheidsbeleid. Internationale Spectator, 70 (3).
  2016 - Popularising publications
Palm, T.P. (25.11.2016). De Europese Unie moet niet gaan militariseren. Nederlands Dagblad, (pp. 12).
  2016 - Other output
  2015 - Popularising publications
Palm, T.P. (23.05.2015). Militaire vluchtelingenaanpak EU. Het Parool, (pp. 50).
  2015 - Other output
  2014 - Scholarly publications
Palm, T.P. (2014). Normative power and military means: the case of the EU in FYR Macedonia. In M. Wilga & I.P. Karolewski (Eds.), New Approaches to EU Foreign Policy (pp. 145-162) (18 p.). Abingdon: Routledge.
  2014 - Other output
Palm, T.P. (26.02.2014). The UK & the EU: a pigs breakfast?.
  2013 - Scholarly publications
Palm, T.P. (2013). Embedded in social cleavages: An explanation of the variation in timing of women's suffrage. Scandinavian Political Studies, 36 (1), (pp. 1-22) (22 p.).
  2013 - Professional publications
Palm, T.P. (2013). De Europese Unie: “normatief” in haar militaire operaties?. JASON Magazine, 38 (4), (pp. 19-22) (4 p.).
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Blueprints of Hope: Designing Post-War Europe. Ideas, Emotions, Networks and Negotiations (1930-1963)
01.09.2016 to 01.09.2020
General project description 

Since its inception the European integration project has been contested. This interdisciplinary research project analyzes the different blueprints for Europe that were present in the period 1930-1963, thereby aiming to show why some blueprints put their stamp on the institutional start-up of European integration, while other blueprints were rejected. To this end, going beyond a state-centric analysis, the research project focuses on transnational political, clerical and economic networks. Including a wider range of actors, the project expands the existing historiography of the EU’s “early” integration. Moreover, such a new understanding of the diversity of ideas of “what is Europe” in these early years of European integration may help to elucidate the driving forces and institutional dynamics in today’s EU.

Role Co-promotor & Researcher
Individual project description

In this project, Trineke’s research primarily deals with conceptualizing and analyzing the battle of ideas among those different blueprints. Building upon the “emotive turn” in the history of International Relations, these blueprints are not just understood as encompassing economic ideas, but also including emotive and moral considerations.  Also, Trineke’s research will visualize the different transnational networks that are behind the different blueprints. This research entails the qualitative content analysis of archival resources and a network analysis of the relationship among political, clerical and economic actors. 

NWO grant: NWO Free Competition Grant
Project members UU
External project members:
  • Mathieu Segers

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Currently dr. Trineke Palm teaches the following course(s):
GKMV16012 Ges-Research Seminar in IR/HP V M 10.0
GE3V17030 Ges-History of EU V 3 7.5
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Full name
dr. T.P. Palm Contact details
Drift 6

Drift 6
Room 1.07
The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 6189
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