Dr. Tamara Mtsentlintze

Dr. Tamara Mtsentlintze

Assistant Professor
Visualization and Graphics


19.12.2023 Our article  Uncertainty in Humanities Network Visualization will soon appear in Frontiers in Communication. This is a follow-up article on the Dagstuhl seminar "Network visualization in the humanities" that I co-organized a few years back. 

17.12.2023 I am excited to be member of the program commette of EuroVis'24: 26th EG conference on visualization, short paper track 

1.5.2023 I gave an invited talk on my project European value maps at the student conference Exec(ut)(You tube video) 

17.2.2023 UU published an article about European Value Maps

1.2.2023 I will be serving as a member of the program commettee of ESA'23: European Symposium on Algorithms

1.12.2022 I will be serving in the program commettee of 31st International Symp. on Graph Drawing & Network Visualization

25.12.2022 European Values Maps are up and running
European Value Maps are conceptual maps of human values across Europe. They allow public to reflect on the sheer variety of opinions that are held by European citizens.
The maps are created using European Values Study data set. Enjoy exploring the maps, and try the “Show me on the map” feature!  Please do not hesitate to get back to the team with any suggestions/comments! 

Many thanks to the co-creators of this project: Isabel Floor, Quita Muis, Tim Reeskens and Inge Sieben!  

1.11.2022 I am excited to be member of the program commette of EuroVis'23: 25th EG conference on visualization, short paper track 




My name is Tamara Mchedlidze. I am Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Utrecht University and member of the Visualization and Graphics Group. My research interests span multiple issues and methodologies around Network Visualization. I design, theoretically analyze, experimentally and empirically evaluate algorithms for network visualization and investigate their applications in practice, in particular in Humanities. From a theoretical perspective, I study network visualization algorithms with provable guarantees, i.e. algorithms that produce node-link diagrams, for which some quality guarantees can be formally proven. In the experimental part of my research, I attempt to apply general optimization techniques to solve computationally hard network visualization problems. I am also interested in using machine learning approaches to improve network visualization algorithms. In the empirical part of my research, I am investigating how basic principles in cognitive psychology (such as Gestalt rules of perception) translate to network visualization. Finally, in collaboration with Philosophers and Argumentation scientists, I investigate how to model and visualize multidimentional opinion spaces resulting from collection of opinions on large and complex debates.


Research Interests

  • Network Visualization Algorithms
  • Theoretical Analysis of Algorithms 
  • Experimental Evaluation of Network Visualization Algorithms
  • Emphirical Evaluation of Network Visualization Algorithms
  • Machine Learning for Improved Visualization Algorithms
  • Visualization of Argument and Opinion Networks


Research Areas

  • Graph Drawing
  • Algorithmic Graph Theory
  • Computational Geometry
  • Information Visualisation
  • Visual Perception and Cognition
  • Digital Humanities


Spellings of my second name

"Mchedlidze" is the closest English spelling of my Georgian second name   , which is transcripted to english as . I use this spelling in my publications. Spelling "Mtsentlintze" comes from Greek transcription  .