Dr. Tessa Kaufman

Assistant Professor
Youth and Family

I conduct scientific research and regularly give lectures and interactive workshops for schools/teachers/other organizations/foundations about bullying-victimization and diversity. I mainly focus on the social experiences of sexually and gender diverse young people (SGD young people or 'LGBTQ+ young people').

Important questions I would like to answer: How does the social environment of young people relate to their experiences at school? For example, what is the role of their school environment, teachers, peers and parents in bullying experiences? I focus not only on problems, but also on solutions (i.e. interventions, gender-sexuality alliances or GSAs) and resilience. How can SGD/LGBTQ+ youth become more accepted and experience queer joy?

Please feel free to contact me if you are a researcher or work for a school/foundation/media channel and have questions for information/lectures/workshops about bullying and inclusion of LGBTQ+ children and adolescents: t.m.l.kaufman@uu.nl, 0619572705.