Dr. Tatiana Acevedo Guerrero

Assistant Professor
Environmental Governance

Tatiana Acevedo-Guerrero is Assistant Professor of Sustainable Urban Governance in the Global South. She holds a doctorate in human geography (Université de Montréal). Her research focuses on cities, infrastructure, state power and water. She addresses these questions by studying the political ecology of cities, read through the different relations and histories that are reflected in access to (and exclusion from) water supply, sanitation, and drainage.


Her research program focuses on current issues of water management and governance. During the past five years she has conducted archival and ethnographic research in Colombian and Mozambican cities, analyzing the everyday intersections of water legislation and regulations, flash floods, fragile infrastructures, contestation, and inequality. As such, while her work comes under the sub-disciplines of political ecology and water governance, it also examines a broad range of questions related to socio-technical networks, state formation, and citizenship.






Research Skills (GEO1-2415)
Global Integration Project (GEO2-2417)
Bachelor Thesis (GEO3-2137)



Water Governance and Law (GEO4-6002)
Master Thesis ESG (GEO4-2322 EG)
Master Thesis SD ISD (GEO4-2321 IDS)v