Dr. Seléne van der Poel

Heidelberglaan 8
Kamer 0.43
3584 CS Utrecht

Dr. Seléne van der Poel

Communications Consultant
Communications & Marketing
+31 30 253 3654

As life science researcher, I have always particularly enjoyed the communicative aspects of being a scientist. Since then I have gained 10 years of experience in communications inside and outside academia. I describe myself as an enthusiastic storyteller and science teacher at heart, with a passion for pioneering, creating and building new structures, systems or tools together with stakeholders. 

From 2014 - 2019, I developed an Education Programme and associated tools for medical professionals at GenDx, a company specialising in stem cell transplant diagnostics.

From 2019, I am working at GEO as Project Leader Outreach for several European sustainable innovation projects through the Utrecht Sustainability Institute. For this, I develop and implement communication strategies that increase the visibility and impact of scientific research. I work together with various stakeholders such as knowledge institutions, companies and governments.

From 2023, next to Project Leader Outreach, I am also Impact Coordinator. In this role, I connect the faculty with departments and together we build a better structure and organisation so that together we can make even more impact.