Dr. Simeon Paravantes

Dr. Simeon Paravantes


Peer-Reviewed Research Grants Acquired:

-405, 000 Euros (Project BENELUX):

CORE Research Grant, Fonds National de Recherche Luxembourg (FNR) Funding secured to research impact that the early Cold War American military / financial intervention in Western Europe and its effect on this period of the European Integration movement specifically in regards to the BENELUX. Also examined the role the BENELUX played in US containment strategy, contributing to the development of a European security strategy. Research conducted in USA, BENELUX, France, UK The project also highlights and continues the use of the Western European Union (WEU) archives in Luxembourg. (November 2015 to August 2020)

-166,500 Euros (Project WEU-ESS):

Internal Research Project Funding, University of Luxembourg. Subject: US Reparations policy towards Axis nations during the early Cold War period of the European Integration Movement. (February 2016 to December 2019)

-118,000 Euros (Project USEU):

AFR Postdoctoral Research Grant, Marie Curie Foundation.
Secured funding to research US financial intervention and its effect on European Integration. Also to make use of the WEU archives (December 2014 to September 2016)

-28,000 Euros (Project BERKELEY):

FNR Intermobility - Outgoing, 2017-2 Call.
Funding acquired to support stay as Visiting Scholar at University of California, Berkeley, Institute of European Studies (IES). 

-18,500 Euros – Hellenic National Scholarships Foundation (IKY) –

PhD Scholarship.
Awarded funding to Complete PhD  (June 2010 to July 2013)