S.M.G. (Simcha) Verweij MSc

Project Coordinator
Sustainable Animal Stewardship

Sustainable Animal Stewardship). This center is a collaborative effort by Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Utrecht University) and Animal Sciences Group (Wageningen University & Research).

Discussions about sharing space and management can be fierce in society. CenSAS wants to initiate dialogue; connecting knowledge and practice and bringing parties together (e.g. animal sector, science, policy and society). The center wants contribute and search for ways in which animals and people can live together in a responsible and sustainable way. One of the tasks of the project leader is to organise an annual dialogue: 'Dierendialoog'. In addition, CenSAS conducts various studies (in particular focussed on animal welfare (including animal health), human-animal relationships and ethics). The project leader works on connecting scientific research to professionals and social discussions.