Stacey Links (M.A.)
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Stacey Links is a PhD candidate under the supervision of Pofessor Tom Zwart with the Netherlands School of Human Rights Research based at SIM at Utrecht University.  Her research focuses on the the Human Rights Dimension of Sino-African Relations from the period of decolonization through to contemporary relations.  She completed a double Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy from Leiden University in conjunction with Clindael Institute, and received her Bahcelor's degree and Honours in Internaitonal Relations from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.  She additionally has worked in the Hauge, South Africa, Haiti, Senegal and Ghana for various NGOs and development agencies.  Being South African, her interests are particularly focused on the continent and include a variety of issues pertaining to human rights, critical theoretical perspectives and postcolonial theory in International Relations, as well as issues focused on culture and social identity/identity construction.   

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Zwart, Tom, ,, ,, ,, Roestenburg - Morgan, Ingrid, Links, Stacey, Qiao, Congrui, Prudon, Henrike, Odhiambo, Michael & Fraser, Julie (2014). Safeguarding the universal acceptance of human rights through the receptor approach. Human Rights Quarterly, 36 (4), (pp. 899 -905) (6 p.).
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My research is focused on the Human Rights Dimension of Sino-African relations, taking a critical theory (post-colonial) approach to understanding the human rights dimension within the context of the relationship.  As such my research draws upon TWAIL scholarship (Third World Approaches to Internatinoal Law) as well as postcolonial International Relations theoretical perspectives.  I frame the Sino-African relationship in the light of human rights from the period of decolonization through to contemporary times arguing for a distinct and contextualized human rights dimension to the relationship.   

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