S.L.L. (sabine) Winters

PhD Candidate
History and Philosophy of Science

Sabine's research at the Freudenthal Institute, History & Philosophy of Science, is focused on the epistemic significance of imagination in space science and exploration. In her research, she hones in on a specific aspect of space science practice: the utilization of imagination. The primary question is twofold: first, how do space scientists themselves perceive the role of imagination in their work? Second, what is the value of imagination in future space missions, if any, and how can this value be clarified and potentially improved?

Under the guidance of Dr. Guido Bacciagaluppi (University of Utrecht), Dr. Mike Stuart (York University, UK), and Dr. Jai Grover (ESA ESTEC, Advanced Concepts Team), this project aims to provide more insight into the epistemology of scientific imagination and draw more attention to the philosophy of space science. Ultimately, Sabine advocates for the importance of imagination in space science concerning the ethical, political, and social (disruptive) implications of the 'how and why' of space missions.