Stefan Kwant

PhD Candidate
Innovation Studies
ESMEE – Enabling Societal Missions through Entrepreneurial Ecosystems 01.12.2022 to 30.11.2027
General project description

Achieving societal missions requires radical innovations by entrepreneurs. The ESMEE project seeks to understand and improve regional ecosystems for sustainable entrepreneurship with a data-and-dialogue driven ecosystem approach. We do this with scientific analysis of the mechanisms of ecosystem development, and how sustainable entrepreneurship contributes to societal missions, as well scientifically validated diagnosis and evaluation of ecosystem development co-designed and co-created with Regional Development Agencies.

PhD Candidate & Researcher
Individual project description

My role in the ESMEE project is to investigate and quantify the interaction between socio-technical systems and entrepreneurial ecosystems. The initial phase of the research primarily involves uncovering the interaction between these two perspectives. This includes conducting discussions with both entrepreneurs and established incumbent companies across various European regions. The subsequent task involves gathering an extensive amount of data on the factors in each European region that could influence entrepreneurship. This data will be utilized to ultimately predict which policy interventions would have the most impact in each European region.

NWO grant Mission-Driven Innovation Systems in a Regional Context (KIC)